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What does N equal? Well to solve the problem you would do N+7x1, N+7x2, N+7x 3, N+7x4, N+7x5 to figure out the first five terms.

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Q: What are the first five terms of n plus 7?
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What is the first five terms of 2n plus 3?

5, 7, 9, 11 and 13

What are the first five terms to the formula3n plus 4?

They are: 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19

What are the first five terms of the pattern with formula 3n plus 4?

They are 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19.

First 5 terms for 3n plus 4?

The first five positive integer terms for 3n + 4 are: 1 = 7 2 = 10 3 = 13 4 = 16 5 = 19

What are the first five terms of t(n)5n-2?


What is seven fifths plus two plus five thirds?

Expressed as a mixed fraction in its lowest terms, 7/5 + 2 + 5/3 is equal to 5 1/15, or five and one fifteenth.

What are the first 4 terms in a sequence if n squared plus 7?

12+7=8, 22+7=11, 32+7=16, 42+7=23

-7 plus 12?

The equation -7 plus 12 equals out to be five. This is a math problem.

What is five plus two?


What is negtive five plus four plus negtive six?

First, add negative 5 and four. That answer is negative 1. Then add negative six, which is -7.

How do you reduce to the lowst terms 7 over 8 plus 5 over 8?

It is: 7/8 plus 5/8 = 12/8 or 3/2 in its lowest terms

How do you simplify 7-2s plus 4 plus 5s?

7-2s+4+5s ..... Okay first you combine like terms(add the like terms) its going to be 11+3s I did 7+4=11 then -2s+5s=3s So the answer can be 11+3s or 3s+11

2n plus 3n plus 7 equals -41?

first combine like terms and 5n+7=-41 add -7 to both sides 5n=-48 n=-48/5

How many terms are in the expression 5m2 - mn plus 4n plus 7?


How many terms in the equation 5x plus 6x-3X plus 7?


What does two plus five equal?


What is five plus negative 7?


What is 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 times 5?

Order of operations: The final multiplication has priority - do it first, then add.You can simplify the problem. 11*7= 77.

What is 3x-2y plus 7 plus 3x simplify the following expression?

Combine like terms. 6x - 2y +7.

What is the like term 3x plus 7?

There are no like terms in the expression 3x + 7

Combine like terms 3x plus 7 X2 plus 9x?


How many terms are in (x-1) plus (3x-7)?

There are 4 terms in the given expression

What is two plus five?


What is five plus seven?


What is 5 plus 5 over 7?

Five and five sevenths or about 5.71 in decimal.