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Q: What are the first five terms of t(n)5n-2?
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How many terms did the first five presidents serve?

All but John Adams served two terms. The total of the first five was nine terms or 36 years (almost - Washington's first term was about an month short.)

What are the first five terms of the sequence 4n -1?


What are the first five terms of a numerical pattern that begins with 2 and then adds 3?


What are the first five terms of n plus 7?

What does N equal? Well to solve the problem you would do N+7x1, N+7x2, N+7x 3, N+7x4, N+7x5 to figure out the first five terms.

What are the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is N4 plus 225?

2,1,0 is th sequence of its terms

First 5 terms for 3n plus 4?

The first five positive integer terms for 3n + 4 are: 1 = 7 2 = 10 3 = 13 4 = 16 5 = 19

What are the first five terms of the sequence with nth term is 7n + 3?


What are the first five multiples of 354 in math terms?

354, 708, 1062, 1416, 1770.

What is the first five terms of 2n plus 3?

5, 7, 9, 11 and 13

What are the first five terms to the formula3n plus 4?

They are: 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19

What is the first five nth terms of 34 - 5n?


What are the first five terms in n squared plus 10?

11, 14, 19, 26 and 35.

The first five terms of a certain sequence are 2 5 10 17 and 26 What is the next term?


How many presidents served two terms out of the first 15?

Five - Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Jackson

What are the first five terms of the pattern with the formula 2n plus 2?

4, 6, 8, 10, 12

What are the first five terms of the pattern with formula 3n plus 4?

They are 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19.

What it the first five terms of the sequence with an nth term of 8n plus 1?

9, 17, 25, 33, 41

The sum of the first 5 terms of an arithmetic series is 85. The sum of the first 6 terms is 123. Determine the first four terms of the series.?

Suppose the first term is a, the second is a+r and the nth is a+(n-1)r. Then the sum of the first five = 5a + 10r = 85 and the sum of the first six = 6a + 15r = 123 Solving these simultaneous equations, a = 3 and r = 7 So the first four terms are: 3, 10, 17 and 24

The lessee's right to recover the short working is related to first 5 years or last 3 years or terms of agreement or none of the above?

first five years

How many years can a president serve?

This depends on the country you are referring to.The list below shows all the continents and countries both in alphabetical and unbiased order, with presidents and how long they can serve.Countries with monarchies do not have presidents, they have Prime Ministers instead. Countries who do not use "Presidents" are not listed below.African ContinentAngola - Two five-year termsBenin - Two five-year termsBotswana - Two five-year termsBurundi - Two five-year termsCape Verde - Two five-year termsCentral African Republic - Two five-year termsComoros - Unlimited five-year termsDemocratic Republic of Congo - Two five-year termsRepublic of Congo - Two seven-year termsEgypt - Two four year-termsEthiopia - Two six year-termsGhana - Two four year-termsKenya - Two five-year termsLiberia - Two six-year termsMadagascar - Two five-year termsMalawi - Two five-year termsMali - Two five-year termsMauritania - Two five-year termsMauritius - Two five-year termsMozambique - Two five-year termsNamibia - Two five-year termsNiger - Two five-year termsNigeria Two four-year termsRwanda - Two seven-year termsSão Tomé and Príncipe - Two five-year termsSenegal - Two seven-year termsSeychelles - Three five-year termsSierra Leone - Two five-year termsSouth Africa - Two five-year termsTanzania - Two five-year termsUganda - UnlimitedZambia - Two five-year termsAsian ContinentAfghanistan - Two five-year termsBangladesh - Two five-year termsChina - Two five-year termsGeorgia - Two five-year termsIndonesia - Two five-year termsIran - Two consecutive four-year terms and one non-consecutive four-year termIraq - Two four-year termsIsrael - One seven-year termKazakhstan - Two consecutive-onlyfive-year termsKyrgyzstan - one six-year termLebanon - Unlimited six-year termsMaldives - Two five-year termsMongolia - Two five-year termsPhilippines - One six-year termSouth Korea - One five-year termSri Lanka - No limitsTaiwan - Two consecutive four-year terms (non-consecutive not allowed)Tajikistan - Three seven-year termsTimor-Leste - Two five-year termsUzbekistan - Two seven-year termsEuropean ContinentAlbania - Two five-year termsArmenia - Two five-year termsAustria - Two consecutive six-year terms (non-consecutive not allowed)Azerbaijan - Unlimited five-year terms (non-consecutive only)Belarus - No limitsBosnia and Herzegovina - Two consecutive four-year terms (non-consecutive not allowed)Bulgaria - Two five-year termsCroatia - Two five-year termsCyprus - Two five-year termsCzech Republic - Two five-year termsEstonia - Two five-year termsEuropean Union Council - Two two-and-a-half-year termsFinland - Two six-year termsGermany - Two five-year terms (however the President in Germany is not in charge of the country. In Germany the leader is called a Chancellor, who can serve an unlimited term until voted out of office. The President is below the Chancellor)Greece - Two five-year termsHungary - Two five-year termsIreland - Two seven-year termsItaly - Unlimited seven-year termsLatvia - Two four-year termsLithuania - Two five-year termsMacedonia - Two five-year termsMalta - Two five-year termsMontenegro - Two five-year termsPoland - Two five-year termsPortugal - Two consecutive five-year terms and one non-consecutive five-year term after being out of office for 5 yearsRomania - Two five-year termsRussia - Unlimited two consecutive six-year terms (ie - can be President in 2013 and 2014. Cannot be President in 2015, but can be President again in 2016 and 2017. Repeat).Serbia - Unlimited five-year termsSlovakia - Two five-year termsSlovenia - Two five-year termsSwitzerland - Unlimited non-consecutive one-year termsTurkey - Two five-year termsUkraine - Two consecutive five-year terms (non-consecutive not allowed)Oceania ContinentFederated States of Micronesia - Two four-year termsFiji - Two five-year termsKiribati - Three four-year termsMarshall Islands - Two four-year termsNauru - Two three-year termsPalau - Two four-year termsVanautu - one five-year termNorth-American ContinentUnited States - Two four-year terms. Except a Vice President succeeding to presidency and serving more than two years, where the succeeder is limited to just one four-year termSouth-American ContinentArgentina - Two consecutive four-year terms. Can wait five years out of office before being eligible for another two consecutive four-year termsBolivia - Two five-year termsBrazil - Two five-year termsChile - Unlimited non-consecutive four-year termsColumbia - Two four-year termsCosta Rica - Unlimited non-consecutive four-year termsDominican Republic - Two four-year termsEcuador - Two four-year termsEl Salvador - One five-year termGuatemala - One four-year termGuyana - Two five-year termsHaiti - Two non-consecutive five-year termsHonduras - One four-year termMexico - One six-year termNicaragua - Two five-year termsPanama - Two non-consecutive five-year termsParaguay - One five-year termPeru - Unlimited non-consecutive five-year termsTrinidad and Tobago - Two five-year termsUruguay - Unlimited non-consecutive five-year termsVenezuela - Unlimited six-year termsCountries with Prime Ministers - Prime Ministers serve unlimited four or five-year terms depending on country. The same applies to countries with Govenor-Generals. In countries that are a British Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, etc) the British Monarch can dismiss (fire) a head of office or extend their stay if necessary.

What is the first five terms of two different sequences in which twelve is the 3rd term?

10,11,12,13,14 or 8,10,12,14,16

What are the five dimensions of language?

What are the five dimensions of language?Language is often described in terms of five dimensions:PhonologyMorphologySyntaxSemanticsPragmatics

The fourth term of an AP is 15 and the sum of the first 5 terms is 55. Find the first term and the common difference?

x is the first term and d is the difference then x + 3d = 15 and sum of first five terms isx + (x+d) + (x+2d) + (x+3d) + (x+4d)so 5x + 10d = 55 ie x + 2d = 11As x + 3d = 15, d = 4 and x = 3,giving the five terms as 3, 7, 11, 15 and 19

What are the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is give 3n plus 2?

5, 8, 11, 14 and 17.

How many terms has Mark Sanford serve?

I would say about five terms