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They are hyperbolae.

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Q: What are the graphs of reciprocal functions?
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Real life application to the reciprocal function?

There are no real life applications of reciprocal functions

What is a reciprocal trig function?

A reciprocal trigonometric function is the ratio of the reciprocal of a trigonometric function to either the sine, cosine, or tangent function. The reciprocal of the sine function is the cosecant function, the reciprocal of the cosine function is the secant function, and the reciprocal of the tangent function is the cotangent function. These functions are useful in solving trigonometric equations and graphing trigonometric functions.

The unique solution to a system is where the graphs of the functions what?

Where they all intersect.

How are inverse graphs used?

The answer will depend on which functions are inverted.The answer will depend on which functions are inverted.The answer will depend on which functions are inverted.The answer will depend on which functions are inverted.

What is the definition of motion graph?

Constant acceleration motion can be characterized by motion equations and by motion graphs. The graphs of distance, velocity and acceleration as functions.

Examples of operations of functions in trigonometry?

Trigonometry includes 12 baisic functions. Sine, Cosine, and Tangent are the three most baisic. Each of those functions has a reciprocal. Cosine's reciprocal is Secant, Sine reciprocal is Cosecant, and Tangent's reciprocal is Cotangent. Each of those six functions has an inverse funcion called Inverse Sine, Cos etc... or Arcsine, Arcosine, Arcsecant, etc.... The shorthand for each function is sin, caos, tan, sec, csc, cot. The inverses have a -1 notation like sin-1.

Why do all polynomials have graphs that look like the graphs of their leading terms?

Polynomials have graphs that look like graphs of their leading terms because all other changes to polynomial functions only cause transformations of the leading term's graph.

How can graphs of polynomial functions show trends in data?

The way you can use graphs of polynomial functions to show trends in data is by comparing results between different functions. The alternation between the data will show the trends. Time can also be used to show the amount of variation.

What is a set of functions whose graphs have basic characteristics in common?

a family function

What is a calculator that can display and analyze graphs of mathematical functions called?

A graphic calculator.

How are the graphs of linear functions and their inverses related?

They are reflected in the line of y=x

Write C program using functions to simulate a Calculator with the basic functions - square root and reciprocal?

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