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The kilometer: 1 kilometer the equivalent of 1,000 meters

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Q: What are the metric measurements larger than a meter?
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What are three metric units that are larger than a meter?

decimeter filtameter and kindameter

What is the difference between a linear meter and a metric meter?

A linear meter is a meter, in a straight line, as opposed to cubic meter, which covers a 2-dimensional plane. They are both part of the metric system. There is no metric meter, other than just referring to a meter as being part of the metric system.

What are the metric measurements smaller than a meter?

Units of measure that are smaller than a meter include:decimeter (dm) but rarely usedcentimeter (cm)millimeter (mm)micrometer (um)nanometer (nm)picometer

Is centimeter greater than meter?

No, a meter is larger than a centimeter. a centimeter is 1 100th of a meter. (i think but pretty sure of) +++ Correct! One metre = 100 centimetres. (In the Metric system, the prefix "centi" means "hundredth".)

Is a meter smaller or larger than a millimeter?

a meter is larger than a milimeter. There are 10mm in 1cm and 100 cm in 1 meter. So there are 1000 milimeters in a meter

Is a cubic meter larger or smaller than a cubic centimeter?

A cubic meter is larger than a cubic centimeter.

Is a square meter or square yard larger?

A square meter is larger than a square yard.

What is bigger a meter or a micrometer?

A meter is larger than a micrometer.

Why does the gram is larger than centigram?

Centi when talking about measurements, means 1 100th of the base unit. It's the same way that one centimeter is a 100th of a meter.

Is 1 meter larger than 1200 mm?

1 meter is 1000 millimeters. 1200 mm would be 1.2 meters, and larger than 1 meter.

What are the basic metric units?

Distancemeter, VolumeCubic meter Masskilogram, aka kilo (1000 grams) Of course there are also micros and picos and nanos of all of these measurements (smaller than milli)

What is larger a millimeter of meter?

a meter is 1000times greater than millimeter