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A tetrahedron or triangular pyramid.

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Q: What are the names of the polyhedra that has 4 faces?
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How do you name a polyhedra?

Polyhedra are named by the number of faces they contain. The names are based on Classical Greek. Over time, some polyhedra have become known by common, non-Greek names, i.e. a regular hexahedron is commonly called a cube.

What are the faces on a polyhedra called?

They are called "faces".

Which 3d shapes have identical faces?

There are many such polyhedra. See the link below. The classification and naming of polyhedra is not wholly satisfactory so it is not possible to simply provide a list of names.

What kind of polyhedra has more faces than vertices?

Bipyramids are a class of polyhedra with more faces than vertices.

What is a 7 regular polyhedra?

There are only 5 regular polyhedra: those with 4, 6, 8, 12 and 20 faces. If you know of 7 polyhedra there may be a Fields Medal (the Nobel prize for mathematicians) for you!

How many faces do stellated polyhedra have?

The simplest stellated polyhedral shape is the stellated tetrahedron with 12 faces (3 * 4) Others have more faces.

What shapes have identicle faces?

Regular polyhedra have identical faces.

Which 3 dimensional figure has faces that are always congruent and the same shape?

There are a few families of polyhedra with identical faces. There are none whose faces have 6 or more sides. There is no special name for polyhedra whose faces are pentagons or pentagrams. A dodecahedron is an example. If coplanar faces are disallowed, the only polyhedron with quadrilateral faces are the cube and rhombohedron. There are infinitely many polyhedra with equilateral triangular faces: the tetrahedron, octahedron and icosahedron are examples.

Can polyhedra objects roll?

Strictly speaking, no. But, as the number of faces increases, polyhedra can approximate cylinders or spheres and so can "roll".

Which 3d shapes have flat faces?

Polyhedra (singular = polyhedron).

Witch polyhedra has 12 regular pentagons as faces?


What is a regular polyhedra with 12 regular pentagon faces?