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Prime numbers cannot be square numbers.

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Q: What are the numbers that are prime as well as a square number?
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Example of a composite number?

A composite number is a number which is not prime. All numbers are divided into the categories of either prime or composite (except for the number 1, which is neither). Examples of composite numbers are: 4,6,8,10 etc. All even numbers and square numbers are composite. There are, however, odd and non-square numbers that are composite as well, such as 15,21,27 and 55.

What are numbers that have no prime numbers?

Well, when you think about it, all numbers that are even numbers are prime numbers... except 2 ISN'T a prime number!

What is the largest prime number in 9 bit register?

Well, there is an infinite number of numbers, so technically, there is an infinite amount of prime numbers.

Is 711 a prime number or a composite number?

The number 711 is not a prime number as it can be divided by 3 as well as other numbers which means it has more then 2 numbers that it can be divided by

Is 2546 a prime number?

2546 is not a prime number. No even numbers greater than 2 are prime numbers because they each have 2 as a factor as well as 1 and the number itself.

Why are there not prime numbers in a square number?

That should be quite obvious from the definition of a) square, and b) prime number.A square is the product of a number by itself. For example, 3 x 3. Therefore, the square of 3 has the number 3 as a factor. A prime number does NOT can NOT be split up into smaller factors.

Which number is not a composite number 13-63-61 or 31?

13 prime 63 composite 61 prime 31 prime Well the question should have been either, Which one of these numbers is not a composite number? Or, Which one of these numbers is not a prime number?

What number would be a counter example to the following conjecture. Prime numbers are odd?

The number 2 is even as well as prime.

The set of even prime numbers?

There is only one even prime number, which is 2. Every other even numbers is divisible by 2, as well as by 1 and itself, so no other even number can be a prime number. Thus, the entire set of even prime numbers is the number 2.

Are 11 and 39 prime numbers?

11 is a prime number as it can only by divided by 2 numbers one and itself But 39 is not a prime number as it can be divided by 3 and 13 as well as one and itself.

Who many prime numbers begin with 9?

Infinity. There's an infinite number of place values, so you can create an infinite number of numbers that start with nine. Some of these will be prime, and since there is an infinite number of numbers starting with nine, there is an infinite number of prime numbers that start with 9 as well.

How are prime numbers and composite numbers related?

Type your answer here... well.. prime numbers and composite numbers are the opposite. prime number has 2 factors (1 and itself ) and a composite has more than 2 factors.

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