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The three terms of a division problem is dividend, divisor, and quotient.

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Q: What are the other numbers in a division problem called?
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Related questions

What is the answer to a division question called?

The answer to a division problem is a quotient. Other parts of a division problem are called diviser and dividend. The answer to a divide question is called the quotient. For example, in the expression 14 / 2 = 7, 7 is the quotient.

How do you check if division answer is right?

Take the answer of the division problem and multiply it by one of the numbers. It should equal the OTHER number. a/b = c c * b = a OR c * a = b

What is the half of 256 to a division problem?

Half of 256 is 128 - whether to a division problem or any other.

What is the dividend of 8 and 49?

A divident is one of the numbers in a division problem. If it was 48 divided by 8 (the other way around would be impossible) the divident would be 8.

What do you call the numbers in a subtraction problem?

the number that is being subracted (4-5) the 5 is called a subtrahend and the other is a minuend.

How knowing simple multiplacation facts can help you with divosions with greater numbers?

Knowing simple multiplication facts can help with division of greater numbers because you will be familiar with how many times numbers can be put into other numbers. Once you know multiplication, division is easy.

What does this mean Which set of these numbers is closed under division?

It means that dividing any number in the set by any other number in the set is valid, and that the result is again a member of the set.For example, the set of real numbers is NOT closed under division - you can't divide by zero.The set of real numbers, excluding zero, IS closed under division. Similarly, the set of rational numbers excluding zero is also closed under division.

What other names is division of a nucleus called other than mitosis or meiosis?

It is also known as karyokinesis(karyo=nucleus,kinesis=division).

Is Division closed in Real?

No, since you can't divide by zero. On the other hand, the set of real numbers without zero is closed under division.

What is the definition for defining the variable?

choosing a variable to represent one of the unspecified numbers in a problem and using it to write expressions for the other unspecified numbers in the problem.

Why change mixed numbers to improper fractions?

For addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with other fractions

What type of cell division is when a cell divides to form two new cells identical to the parent?

The division of sex cells is called meiosis. The division of all other body cells is called mitosis.

Why are the parts of multiplication problems called factors?

because one number is being factored by the other number. and the numbers in a multiplication problem are just called factors anyway. hope this helped you.

LCM of 2 numbers is 2079 and the HCF is 27 if one of the number is 279 find the other number?

Since 27 is not a factor of 279, there is a problem with this problem. But if one of the numbers is 297, the other is 189.

What is the operations that undo each other like multiplication and division?

Operations that undo each other are called inverse operations. Division is the inverse of multiplication as it undoes the multiplication. eg 3 × 7 = 21; 21 ÷ 7 = 3. Note that there is NO inverse for multiplying by 0.

How do you check the quotient from a multiplication problem?

When numbers are divided, the result is called the quotient. When numbers are multiplied, the result is called the product. To check the result of a multiplication problem, divide the result (the product) by one of the multipliers. The quotient will be the other multiplier. EXAMPLE : To verify that 387 x 211 = 81657, then divide 81657 by 387. The answer (quotient) is 211.

Why can you use multiplication to check your answ er to a division problem?

Because - if you multiply your answer by one of the original numbers you should get the other number. For example - take the sum 1024 divided by 64 - The answer is 16. You can confirm that by multiplying 16 by 64, and you get the original number 1024

What the odd numbers has in common?

Odd numbers are the numbers that are not divisible by two. In other words, if you do an integer division, dividing any odd number by two, you get a remainder of one.

What arithmetic operation can be preformed on the numbers from this sequence -3-2-10123?

Any arithmetic operation, other than division by zero, can be performed on any set of numbers in a sequence.

Why are numbers combined with operations of addition subtraction multiplication and division?

Because if you did not combine them then you would have only one number: the number 1. You would not have 2 which is 1+1 and similarly no larger positive integers. Nor would you have negative integers which are obtained by subtraction. There would be no other rational numbers which are obtained by division. All in all, arithmetic would be pretty much useless.

The reduction division that separates two hapliod complements from each other is called what?


What is the largest common factor of 70 196?

The same as the greatest common factor of 70 and 26 - where 26 is the remainder of the division (196 divided by 70). Continue dividing, to get ever-smaller numbers - until one of the numbers is a multiple of the other. When this happens, the smaller of the numbers is the greatest common factor. This method is called the Euclid algorithm.

Give an example of an inequality?

these two questions should be answered differently because the one problem has numbers in the other problem this one does not include i think that these 2 questions should be answered differenetly.....

What are numbers that are relatively prime to each other?

Numbers with their Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) as 1 are called to be as relatively prime to each other.

How do you divide the top number by the bottom number in fractions?

Exactly as you might divide any other pair of numbers. Long division, short division, and calculators are among several effective methods.