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the numerator, denominator, 2 /16, 3/24, etc.

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Q: What are the parts of one eighth?
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Does one eighth tablespoon equal one half teaspoon?

You need to study basic math ! - A half is 2 parts of anything, an eighth is one of 8 parts.

What is one eighth of an inch?

One eighth of an inch is one inch divided into eight parts. Therefore, there are eight divisions to one inch. Having grown up with inches and parts thereof, it is difficult to describe the actual distance an eighth (1/8th of an inch) occupies.

What is 5 and one eighth divided into 3 equal parts?


What is one eighth teaspoon plus one eighth teaspoon equals?

One eighth plus one eighth is one fourth.

Is two eighth small than one eighth?

no. obviously there are two one eighth to make one two eighth

What is half of one eighth?

Half of one eighth is one sixteenth.

What is one minus one eighth?

one minus one eighth is equal to seven eighths

Is eighth a noun?

Yes, the word 'eighth' is a noun, a word for one of eight parts of something or a unit that is number eight in a series; a word for a thing.The word 'eighth' also functions as an adjective, however, dictionaries are not clear if this function is as an attributive noun or as an adjective.

One eighth equals how many minutes?

One eighth of what??

What ethnic group does equal parts french and spanish and one eighth Hebrew belong to?

That is mixture of ethnic groups.

How much larger is one-fourth than one eighth?

One forth is twice as large as one eighth. One forth divided by two is one eighth, and one eighth times two is one forth.

One eighth minus one fourth leaves what?

negative one eighth.

What is bigger one eighth scale or one tenth scale?

one eighth

Does one eighth plus one eighth equal one fourth?


How much is one-eighth?


Is one eighth 0.08 or 0.8?

Neither. One eighth is 0.125

How many acres in one eighth by one eighth miles?


What is the difference between quarter and an eighth?

A quarter 1/4 is twice as much as an eighth 1/8.

Is one fourth larger then one eighth?

Yes. One eighth is half of one fourth.

How do you write one eighth of a teaspoon in decimal form?

One eighth is written " 0.125 ".The word or unit after it tells what it's one-eighth of .

Is one fourth half of one eighth?

NO A fourth (quarter) is twice one eighth

Does one eighth plus one eighth equal one forth teaspoon?


What is three eighth divided by one eighth?


How much is an eighth of pot?

3.5 grams. One-eighth of one ounce

What one eighth of 208?

208 divided by 8 is one eighth of 208