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One eighth plus one eighth is one fourth.

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Q: What is one eighth teaspoon plus one eighth teaspoon equals?
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Would one teaspoon and one fourth teaspoon equals three fourth teaspoon?

Um... Three one eighth teaspoons do not equal a three fourth teaspoon. Think about it. Three one eighth teaspoons equal three-eighths and three-eighths are not equivalent to a three fourth teaspoon.

What does one fourth cup plus one eighth cup equal?

one forth cup plus one eighth cup equals three eights cup.

What does three eighths plus three eighths plus one eighth plus one eighth equals?

3/8 + 3/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 1

Is one tenth of a teaspoon less than one eighth of a teaspoon?

yes, one tenth would be 10%, one eighth would be 12.5%

How much is One forth plus one eight equals?

one forth is equal to two eighths. therefore two eighths plus one eighth equals three eighths

What is half of one eighth teaspoon?

1/16th of a teaspoon

What is one half of one fourth teaspoon?

Half of 1/4 teaspoon is 1/8 teaspoon.

What is an eighth of a teaspoon?

If you take your 1/4 teaspoon and fill it half way with what you need then it equals 1/8. glad I could help you. If you want proof of it just type in the same question on Bing or Google and it's listed there. Brooke McC.

2 and three fourths plus 1 and one eighth equals what?

Three and seven-eighths

How do you convert 16ml into a teaspoon?

One teaspoon equals 5ml, so 16ml will equal three teaspoons plus a tiny bit more.

How do you write one eighth of a teaspoon in decimal form?

One eighth is written " 0.125 ".The word or unit after it tells what it's one-eighth of .

Is one half equal to three eighths plus one eighth?

Yes. three eights plus one eight equals 4 eights, or one half