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Q: What are the positive and negative effects of free trade?
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What are positive and negative effects of ash fall?

positive: gives nutrient soil and gives free heating. negative: kills people and ash is poisonous.

What are negative and positive effects of imperialism in morocco?

The positive effects of the invasion of Iraq was that the people were free of a murderous dictator. The downside is that it inspired the latest murderous dictator.

What are the positive effects of distributing free arvs in the tertiary sector?


Predict whether the changes in enthalpy entropy and free energy will be positive or negative for the freezing of water and explain your predictions How does temperature affect the spontaneity?

The changes in enthalpy, entropy, and free energy are negative for the freezing of water since energy is released as heat during the process. At lower temperatures, the freezing of water is more spontaneous as the negative change in enthalpy dominates over the positive change in entropy, making the overall change in free energy negative and leading to a spontaneous process.

What were some of the effects on the economy as a result of CUSFTA?

CUSFTA stands for Canada-US Free Trade Agreement. The effect on the economy as a result of CUSFTA has been positive because it has led to export growth.

Atoms with unequal numbers of electrons and protons are called?

It is an ion. If positive a cation. If negative,an anion

Is free energy of cell reaction positive when emf of cell reaction is positive?

No, the free energy of a cell reaction is negative when the emf of the cell reaction is positive. This is because a positive emf indicates that the reaction is spontaneous and capable of performing work, resulting in a negative change in free energy.

what is free margin?

Free Margin is your equity that open to keep your order while price movement negative from your open trade price

What are the characteristics of free radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons, making them unstable. They can cause damage to cells, proteins, and DNA by oxidizing them. Free radicals are involved in various diseases and aging processes.

What are characteristics of free radicals?

A free radical is a species that has unpaired electrons.Due to this , they are highly reactive. They can have either a positive charge, negative charge or no charge.

What were the effects of the idustrial revolution in the US?

Set slaves free if you are not positive don't go for this I'm not sure

What is a A negative result of free trade agreements?

workers are payed lower wages Have fun on Study Island(=