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Q: What are the positive and negative factors of stereotypes?
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What are the positive and negatives Irish stereotypes?

positive- they're lucky (luck of the irish) negative - they're alcoholics

What does positive factors mean?

All numbers have factors. The factors that are positive numbers are known as positive factors.

How are Signs of Factors and Products related?

Positive factors will create a positive product.Negative factors will create a positive product.A negative and a positive factor will create a negative product.

How can you tell from the number of factors when a product is positive or negative?

If you are multiplying negative numbers, an odd number of factors will have a negative product. An even number of factors will have a positive product.

What are the negative factors of a positive number?

The same as the positive ones with negative signs.

The product of 18 negative factors will be?

If an even number of negative factors are multiplied together (such as 18 factors), the answer will be positive. If there are an odd number of negative factors, the answer will be negative.

Will a problem with a even number of negative factors have a negative product or positive product?


What are the negative factor of 500?

We generally don't consider negative factors of positive numbers. The negative factors of -500 are a duplicate set of the set of positive factors -- just with minus signs.

The product of an odd number of negative factors is positive?

False.positive x positive = positivepositive x negative = negativenegative x positive = negativenegative x negative = positiveEvery 2 negative factors provides a positive result, so if there are an odd number of negative factors, there are 2n + 1 of them which means the 2n would provide a positive factor to be multiplied by the final negative factor which gives a negative result.

Is the product of 8 negative and 3 positive factors a positive or negative?

If I understand your question correctly, then the answer is negative because if you add positive 3 to negative 8 the answer is negative 5.

What are the factors that will equal negative ten?

factors are the numbers you multiply together to get a product in a multiplication problem. a positive times a positive = a positive a positive times a negative = a negative a negative times a negative = a positive since you are looking for negative 10, you need one factor to be positive and one to be negative. this could be: -1*10 -10*1 -2*5 -5*2

What are all the multiples of negative numbers?

The same way as finding factors of positive numbers but the answer includes both the positive and negative factors.