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Rhombus has four congruent sides.Opposite sides are parallel.

congruent is same.

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Q: What are the properties of rhomus?
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Is a triangle a rhomus?


Does a rhomus have all the samb angles?

No - it has opposite angles the same.

Why is every rhomus a polygon?

A rhombus is a type of quadrilateral, which is a type of polygon.

Does a rhomus have any parallel lines?

Yes. A rhoumbus does have parellel lines

What classify each quadrilateral be as specific as possible?

Rhomus,rectangle and parallegram

How are a rectangle and a rhomus alike?

They are both polygons, they are both four sided, and they are both types of squares.

Is a rhomus a regular polygon?

No, because there is no such thing as a "rhomus". Furthermore, a rhombus is not a regular polygon either. A regular polygon must have all its sides of equal length and all its angles of equal measure. A rhombus meets the first requirement but not the second and so is not regular.

Is a rhomus a triangle?

No because a rhombus has 4 sides whereas a triangle has 3 sides but they are both polygons.

Do any two triangles can be joined to make a rhomus?

No, two scalene triangles, for example, can never make a rhombus..

What is a rhomus with four right angles?

A rhombus has no corner right angles but a square has 4 corner right angles

Howis the square and rombus alike?

squares and rhombuse are about the same shape, when u look at a rhomus tilt your head and at one point you will see a square. also both of them have all equal sides

Does a rhombus have 2 parall sides and no perpendicular sides?

A rhomus has 2 parallel sides and all sides are the same length. It may or may not have perpendicular sides; if perpendicular it is a special case of a rhombus and is called a square

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