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The various subsets are:

  • The empty set: nothing.
  • A point: a position on the line with 0 dimensions.
  • A line segment: a 1-dimensional finite subset such that, if x and y are any two points in the subset then so is mx + (1-m)y from any m in [0,1]. That is, all points between x and y are also in the set.
  • A ray: a 1-dimensional subset such that one of the points x and y is an infinite distance away.
  • Collections of a finite or infinite number of points, line segments and rays.
  • The line itself.

For lines and rays, the end points may or may not be part of the subset.

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Q: What are the subsets of a line define each?
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A line has infinitely many subsets, not just three. Any collection of points on the line constitute a subset.

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the subsets of a line are the segments the rays and the points hope this will help pls mark good

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in geometry , a shape consist of a planes, and any plane consist of a connection of planes, and any break down lines, you can then subsets --- line segments and rays by learning about the line and its subsets, you will develop a better understanding ofthe mathematics of Geometryyou can add me as a friend in facebook for more info. :)look for crispin d. vega III thanks

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