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They are called (in alphabetical order) the dividend, the divisor,

and the quotient.

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Q: What are the three numbers in a division problem called?
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What are the other numbers in a division problem called?

The three terms of a division problem is dividend, divisor, and quotient.

What are the numbers in a division problem called?

The first number is called the dividend. The second number is called the divisor. The answer is called the quotient.

What Are Divisors In Math?

The divisors are the numbers in the outside of a division problem. example: 3)9 The three on the outside is the divisor The divisor is the adviser.

What is a three-letter word used to show division in a word problem?


How do you set up three digit numbers problems?

Using division or multiplication or addition??

What is a fraction?

A fraction is a way of representing division of a 'whole' into 'parts'. The Numerator is the number of parts chosen, and the Denominator is the total number of parts. A fraction is a division problem, basically:½ means "one divided by two"¾ means "three divided by four"Another way of thinking of it is:½ "one of two pieces" and¾ "three of four pieces"it is 7.10

What is a dividend in maths?

A dividend is the portion of a division problem above the dividing line; it is the amount to be divided. The word problem "Nine pieces of candy are divided equally among three children; how many pieces does each child receive?" suggests a division problem. In that problem, the nine pieces of candy is the dividend. The three children are the divisor, and the three pieces of candy which each child gets are the quotient.

What are the three ways to express the division of two numbers?

1.u should take a square and fold it

How do you write 35 4 in mixed numbers?

I'm assuming you mean 35/4. A fraction is a division problem, so just divide 35 by 4. Answer is 8 3/4 (that's EIGHT and THREE-FOURTHS).

Is 180 divisible by 3?

The quotient of 180/3 is 60. So yes it is divisible by three. All numbers are divisible by three, but division is not a closed operation until you use the rational numbers.

What are the three division of Science?

what are the three division of science?

How do you get any of the same three numbers to equal one greater then them using only addition subtraction division and multiplication?

Divide the first two of the same three numbers by eachother, and then add the third same number to the answer you get.