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When an equation has two variables, there are an infinite number of (x,y) pairs

that solve it. The equation can be graphed as a straight, curved, or wiggly line,

and every point on the line is a solution of the equation.

There's no single (x,y) point until you have two separate equations. Then

the solution is the point ... or few points ... where their graphs intersect.

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Q: What are the x and y values for y equals 0.1e2x-4?
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Is x equals y a function?

y = x This is a line and a function. Function values are y values.

Does x-y equals y-x for all x plus y values?

No. In fact, under normal rules of operation, x-y equals y-x only when x = y.

What are the values of x and y when x minus y equals 0 and x squared plus y squared equals 18?

(x, y) = (-3, -3) or (3, 3)

What is the domain and range for y equals 0 to 25 and x equals 0 to 10?

The domain is the x values, so x = 0 to 10. The range is the y values, so y = 0 to 25.

Find an equation of variation where y varies directly as x One pair of values is y equals 80 when x equals 40?

Find an equation of variation where y varies directly as x. One pair of values is y = 80 when x = 40

How many different combinations of x-values and y-values could satisfy the equation - x plus y equals 5?


What are x and y in the equation 3x plus 2y equals 2 -2 plus y equals 8?

The values are: x = -6 and y = 10

What is the difference between the values of y when x equals 99 and x equals 100?

There is no way to know unless you had an equation that gives the relationship between x and y. For example, if y=2x, then when x equals 99 or x equals 100, then the value of y has a difference of 2.

What is the answer to y equals x plus 8?

Indeterminate. Both x and y could have an infinite set of values.

What are the values of y equals x plus 5?

It is a straight line equation in the form of: y = x+5

What is the value of y in y equals -27x plus 75?

It depends on the value of 'x'. 'y' can have as many different values as 'x' can.

Here is a table of values for y equals f x?