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  • 78.5009 = (7 x 10) + (8 x 1) + (5/10) + (0/100) + (0/1000) + (9/10000)
  • Seventy-eight and five thousand, nine ten-thousandths
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Q: What are two expanded forms for the number 78.5009?
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What are expanded words?

In mathematics, expanded words are the written forms of numbers. For example, the expanded words used for 1,231 are "one-thousand two-hundred thirty-one."

What is 232.87 in expanded forn?

The number 232.87 in expanded form would be two hundred thirty two and eighty seven. This is a number that is written out in words.

How do you write 232.87 in expanded form?

The expanded form of 232.87 is two hundred thirty two and eighty seven. This number is written out in words.

How do you write whole number 902 in expanded form?

Nine hundred two or Nine hundred and two

How do you write ten and thirty eight hundredths in two other forms?

Standard form - The form to right it as a number. 10.38 Expanded form - The form to expand (stretch) a number. 10 + .3 + .08 Written form - The form to write out a number. Ten and thirty eight hundredths.

What is 5.302 in a word form and in expanded form?

5.302 in word and expanded forms = five and three hundred two thousandths or (5 x 1) + (3/10) + (0/100) + (2/1000)

How to write 9082.334 in expanded form?

The expanded form for the number 9082.334 is nine thousand eighty-two and three hundred thirty-four thousandths.

Write the word form of four and expanded form?

write the word form and expanded form of the number four

What is the word and expanded form of 32.63?

The word and expanded forms of 32.63 are:Thirty-two and sixty-three hundredths(3 x 10) + (2 x 1) + (6/10) + (3/100)

How do you say in expanded form 40023032?

The number in words is... forty million, two hundred (and) thirty thousand (and) thirty-two.

How do you write the number 2430090 in expanded form?

Two million forty-three thousand ninety.

Write the number in expanded form 30672?

thirty thousand six hundred seventy two