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Q: What are ways to multiply binomials?
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How do you use algebra tiles to multiply two binomials?

Explain how I would use algebra times to multiply two binomials (FOIL)?

Why is the FOIL method not needed when multiplying two binomials?

It is only not needed if you know of another method. If FOIL is the only way you know to multiply two binomials, then it is definitely needed.

How do you Multiply the binomials y-9 y plus 10?

To multiply two binomials you use FOIL (first, outer, inner, last): (y-9)(y+10)=y*y+10y-9y-9*10=y2+y-90

How do you get product of two binomials?

multiply the 1st term with whole bracket and the 2nd term with whole bracket

How do you multiply binomials?

You use the FOIL method. First terms Outer terms Inner terms Last terms.

If you multiply 2 binomials together will you always get a trinomial as a result?

philip aidan kuan, the scientist proved that trinomialis good

What is a method for multiplying two binomials?

Depends on the kind of binomials. Case 1: If both binomials have different terms, then use the distribution property. Each term of one binomial will multiply both terms of the other binomial. After distribution, combine like terms, and it's done. Case 2: If both binomials have exactly the same terms, then work as in the 1st case, or use the formula for suaring a binomial, (a ± b)2 = a2 ± 2ab + b2. Case 3: If both binomials have terms that only differ in sign, then work as in the 1st case, or use the formula for the sum and the difference of the two terms, (a - b)(a + b) = a2 - b2.

The foil method is used for?

The foil method in algebra is used to "multiply linear binomials."The FOIL method is used in elementary algebra as a guide for solving algebraic problems.

Does the FOIL system work for any 2 binomials?

does the FOIL system work for any binomials

What are the other ancient ways to multiply?

check this site out:

What is the advantage of being able to recognize special products of binomials?

The advantage of recognizing some special binomials is that the math can then be done much more quickly. Some of the binomials appear very frequently.

How do you multiply trinomials with binomials in algebra?

A binomial has two terms, while a trinomial has 3 terms. So both terms of the binomial will multiply each term of the trinomial (distribution property). After the multiplication you'll have 6 terms. Look for like terms, if there are, combine them.