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Each median divides the area of a triangle into halves.

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Q: What area property does the median of a triangle have?
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If x be the length of a median of an equilateral triangle then its area is?


Can a median divide a triangle in equal area?

Sure. That's true of a median in every isosceles triangle, and every median in an equilateral triangle. In fact it is true for any median of any triangle. The two parts may not be the same shapes but they will have the same area. That is why the point where the three medians meet (centroid) is the centre of mass of a triangular lamina of uniform thickness.

What is a median of a triangle?

A median of a triangle is a line from a vertex of the triangle to the midpoint of the side opposite that vertex.

Can a median triangle also consider as a base?

The median of a triangle cannot be considered as a base of that triangle.

Is median of a triangle bisect it's angle?

The median of a triangle bisects its side

What ratio does a median divide two equilateral triangle?

A median divides any triangle in half.

What is the triangle median?

Triangle median is the line segment that joins a vertex to the middle of opposing side.

If a median of a triangle is also an altitude of a triangle then is the triangle isosceles?


Prove that the three times the sum of squares of sides of triangle is equal to four times of its median?

Let the triangle be ABC and its medians by AX and BY and CZ. Therefore, since AC=AB, and OP=BD. Therefore, By Triangle Equiangular Property, Triangle ABC simliar to Triangle XYZ Therefore, Three times the sum of the squares of sides of triangle equal to 4 times of its median.:) Hope it helped.

How many median does triangle have?


Does a median of a triangle contain the midpoint of the side to which it is drawn?

Yes, the median of a triangle is from a vertex to the midpoint of the side opposite the vertex.

How do you make a model of median and altitude of a triangle?

median intersect each other at a point inside triangle and altitude intrsect eachother at apoint outside triangle

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