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What bearing is the same as north west in maths?

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320 degrees

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Q: What bearing is the same as north west in maths?
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How do you work out the bearing in maths?

A bearing is the angle made by a direction with the line pointing North, measured in the clockwise direction. A bearing is represented as a 3-digit number. So the bearing for North is 000, North-East is 045 East is 090, South is 180 West is 270 and just short of North is 359.

Was does bearing mean in maths?

Bearing is a way of describing direction. It is a 3 digit number (including leading zeros). A heading due North is a bearing of 000. The bearing increases clockwise, so that East is a bearing of 090, South is 180, and West is 270.

What are purpose of bearing?

on a compass a bearing is a measure of north south east and west

What direction is bearing 315 degrees?

north west

A true bearing measures points in a clockwise direction around the north-south line. Due north has a bearing of 0Β° or 360Β°. Due east has a bearing of 90Β°, due south has a bearing of 180Β°, and due west has a bearing of 270Β°?


What is a reduced bearing?

-Reduced bearing use degrees as measurement unit. -Read from the north or the south towards the east or the west.

What direction has a compass bearing of 090 north east west or south?

Its East

What compass bearing is wnw?

WNW is halfway between West and Northwest. Northwest is halfway between West and North.

A man sails for 5km on a bearing of 285 degrees. How far north and west of the harbor is he?

He is approx 1.3 km North and 4.8 km West.

Is the word North West one word or two words?

North West is two words. It basically means: Go North and West at the same time.

What is the constant bearing value for due west?

North is 0 degrees, east is 90 degrees, south is 180 degrees, and west is 270 degrees.

Is the west the same as the north and south hemisphere?


How far is it from Norfolk to Richmond Virginia?

81 miles 130 kilometres North-West Direction Bearing: 302

What is the difference between quadrant and azimuthal notation?

When calculating a bearing, azimuthal notation refers to the angle of the bearing from North, measured clockwise. Quadrant notation takes the bearing from north or south with a change to west or east. For example, Quadrant notation: SE = Azimuth notation of 135 degrees.

Can a resultant direction be thirty degrees west of north and sixty degrees north of west?

Yes, they're the same thing.

Why is it difficult to get an accurate bearing with a magnetic compass near the poles?

The Geographic / True North (as shown on globes) is not the same as the magnetic north.Quote from a website:True North is the direction of a meridian of longitude which converges on the North Pole.Magnetic North is the direction indicated by a magnetic compass. Magnetic North moves slowly with a variable rate and currently is west of Grid North in Great Britain.

How big is the west?

The same size as the east , north and south.

What compass bearing?

The compass bearing is the direction towards which you are headed, as shown by a compass. The four cardinal points on a compass, which split the circumference of the compass into four equal parts, are (going clockwise) North, East, South and West.

What compass bearing is west?

270 degress

What is the difference between northwest and west of north?

West of north is any direction beteween North and West. Northweat is a definite direction 315° on the compass. West by North is just slightly north of West 281°15' on the compass North by west is just slightly west of North

Is there 16 directions i n a compass?

Going clockwise, the 16 directions are... North North North East North East East North East East East South East South East South South East South South South West South West West South West West West North West North West North North West ...and back to North again.

Is British Columbia coast the same as north west coast?

no one knows

What is 90 degrees north and 20 degrees west?

The North Pole is 90 degrees north, and all longitudes there describe the same point.

Is same-sex marriage legal in the North West Territories?

Yes. Same-sex marriage was legalized in the North West Territories and all over Canada on July 20, 2005 with the passage of the Civil Marriage act.

Halfway between north and north west is?

You would say 'north north west'.