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Q: What best describes folding method needed to create a perpendicular line segment?
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The city is planning to add a street that runs perpendicular from Oak street to Walnut street. What types of angles would this line segment create and why?


How do you create a mid segment of a triangle?

By using a pair of compasses or depending on what type of triangle it is creating a perpendicular line from one of its vertices to its opposite side.

How do create a folder?

by folding paper ! :P

How do you create a married segment in amadeus?

what is married segment

What do the forces of faulting folding and volcanic action create?


Does a recTANGLE have a pair of perpendicular sides?

A rectangle is formed by perpendicular lines that create four 90 degree angles.

What does perpendicular describe?

Perpendicular describes a relation between two lines or objects which resemble lines. This relation is when when the two lines or similar objects cross (in a two-dimensional plane) they create four 90-degree angles about the intersection point. In other words, the two lines' slopes are opposite reciprocals.

What is the different of a perpendicular lines and intersecting lines?

The only difference between perpendicular lines and intersecting lines is that perpendicular lines create a right angle at the point of intersection.

Can you show me a example of a perpendicular question?

When straight lines are perpendicular to each other they create right angles of 90 degrees

How do you make square root spiral by paper folding and paper cutting?

First of all draw a line segment that is about 2 cm long between two points P0 and P1. At the one of the outer points, draw another line that is at an angle of 90 degrees from the first line segment. This will cause the new line segment to stand straight on the first segment. Draw another line segment between the not used endpoint of the new line segment, let's call it P2, and the not used endpoint of the first line segment. This will create a triangle. Now on the P2 endpoint, draw another line segment that is again at 90 degrees angle. Repeat the previous steps and you will have created a root spiral.

combination of folding and erosion create raised areas in crust?

i hate earth science

Do two perpendicular lines create four right angles?