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Q: What can be a good maths project for class 7 CBSE?
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Suggest a good maths project for class 10 CBSE?

CBSE has recommended a number of projects for class X for example efficiency in packing geometry in real life experiments on probability and many more

What can be a good maths project for class 9 cbse?

there are many topics like probability, mensuration, algebraic identities. try proving some identity experimentally or you can buy a Maths Lab Book. here is one such book - I do I understand Mathematica Laboratory Manual for class 9 by Goyal Brothers Publication

Suggest a topic for maths project for class 9?

try the mobius's circle..its a good topic

What can be a good maths project for ICSE class 9?

chutia,madar chod,bhosadi wala

What could be the topics for maths project of class 8th?

I suggest u that pythagorous theorem and elgebric expression are good choices.

Is CBSE better or state board better for class 11?

if you studied 10th in cbse then cbse is good for 11th also

Is it better to continue in CBSE class 11 after finishing CBSE class 10?

Well I did and its quite good, if you join the right school, cause if you studied in a cbse school in tenth, continuing in cbse is better

How do you get a good marks in CBSE 12 class?


Social projects for class 7 CBSE?

1.Many monuments can be made. 2. A waterfall using an electric pump is a very good project work. You can find many great more project works at

How tough is maths in 9 class?

It depends onhow good you are at maths,how much you are prepared to work, andwhether you are in class 8 or class 10!

Where to get CBSE accounts project for class 12?

Buy accountancy project online class 12 at just Rs 300 by Made by experienced teachers as per Cbse guidelines Wide variety of projects to select from. Special check to ensure that project you buy is not purchased by any one of your classmate. Get your project customized as per your needs Additional 10% discount on Facebook like and post Project are of good quality with all the required things. Download and get sample project. Our most important feature is that we ensure that product you buy is not purchased by your classmate. For Details Visit

I am good in math or i am good at math. which is correct?

both can be, it depends whether you use 'maths' to mean 'mathematics' (i.e. the subject), or maths class/lesson. you can't be good in mathematics (you should say you are good at mathematics), but you could be good in maths class/ in you maths lesson. Generally speaking, You would use: "I am good at math". "I am good in/at maths" would both be incorrect. There is no need to add the s at the end of the word "math", because math is already the general term for the different types of mathematics.