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Q: What can you say about the y-values of the two functions f(x)-5x plus 2 and f(x)-5x2 plus 2?
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Can there be friend functions in c plus plus?

Yes, there can be friend functions in C++.

Why functions are not used in c plus plus?

Of course they are used. Both stand-alone and class-member functions are used in C++.

Printf and scanf Operators in C and C plus plus?

No, they are functions. Operators are -> or ++or /=

How many main functions are used in c plus plus program?


What are the two types of constant in c plus plus?

Constant data and constant functions.

What do you call the combination of variables and functions into a single object in C plus plus?

A singleton.

What is a method in c plus plus?

In C++, methods are simply class member functions.

How do you pass structures as a parameter to the functions in c plus plus?

Put their names into the parameter-list.

What is manipulator in c plus plus language?

Manipulators are functions that change the formatting parameters on character streams.

How do you represent a C plus plus non-pure virtual function in UML?

All virtual functions (including pure-virtual functions) are represented in italics. All non-virtual functions are represented normally. There is no differentiation between pure and non-pure virtual functions, however some people append "=0" to distinguish the pure-virtual functions.

What is front functions in c plus plus?

Front functions such as vector::front(), list::front() and queue::front() return the first object in a container class. Not to be confused with begin() functions such as vector::begin() which return an iterator object which is typically used in iterative functions (loops) to traverse the objects within a container.

How do you link a C plus plus program to C functions?

It should work without any special action.