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Repeated trials.

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Q: What can you use to find experimental probabilities?
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How can some strategies be used to find experimental probabilities?

A tree diagram!

Are simulations experimental or theoretical probability?

They are experimental probabilities.

Which Die - Coin combinations' experimental probability matches its theoretical probability?

None of the experimental probabilities need match the corresponding theoretical probabilities exactly.

What are experimental probabilities based on?

A large number of repeated trials.

How are the experimental and theoretical probabilities the same?

They are both measures of the probability of an event occurring.

Strategies you can use to find theoretical probabilities?

a tree diafram

How do you find the probability of an event followed by another event?

If the events are independent then you can multiply the individual probabilities. But if they are not, you have to use conditional probabilities.

What is alike between experimental and theoretical probability?

They are probabilities: that is, estimates of the likelihood of an event happening.

How are experimental probability and theoretical experiment alike?

They are both estimates of the probability of outcomes that are of interest. Experimental probabilities are derived by repeating the experiment a large number of times to arrive at these estimates whereas theoretical probabilities are estimates based on a mathematical model based on some assumptions.

Does the weather report use the empirical probabilities or theoretical probabilities in its weather forecast?

Empirical probabilities.

When you win a lotto is this an example of experimental or theoretical probability?

Neither. Experimental or theoretical probabilities are methods that may be used to determine the probability that a given set of numbers will win, whereas your winning is the outcome of the event.

How do you combine probabilities?

like for or we use + and for 'and' we use multiplication