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pie chart

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Q: What chart style displays the relationship of parts to a whole?
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How do you make environment chart?

An Environment chart can be made three ways. One you may insert the chart into an existing document by clicking on "Insert tab" inside Word. Under the task ribbon choose "object", then choose to create an excel chart. In order to create the Environment chart you need the data. Once you have decided which area is represented by what text or color you can begin piecing your project together. Enter your information, then choose the graph style you want from the open window with the styles located inside it. The other way to create this graph is to use Excel as the base. Type in the information in your rows and columns, then choose "create graph". You can color and style your graph from the available windows. After you save it you can add it to your paper if you need to by clicking insert object again and create from file.

What determines the rectangular grid display area?

The grid is a rectangular pattern of dots or lines that extends over the area you specify as the grid limits. The grid displays dots only when the current visual style is set to 2D.

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Which statement below is true of an author's style?A. An author's style is more effective as it becomes more complex.B. An author's style is embodied in the private thoughts of the characters.C. An author's style is often indistinguishable from the mood and tone of the text.D. An author's style may change depending on the author's purpose and audience.