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Any negative decimal comes before zero in decimals.

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Q: What comes before 0 in decimals?
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What comes before 1?

its 0

What year comes before 1AD?

The year that comes before 1AD is 1BC. there's no 0 (Zero) AD.

What are three decimals between 0-1?

0.1, 0.25 and 0.674 but note that there are thousands of decimals between 0 to 1.

What are the 2 numbers between 0 and 1 in decimals in math?

Actually, there is an infinite number of decimals between 0 and 1.

Why is there no such thing as a remainder when dividing decimals?

because you can always add a 0 when using decimals

4.103 4.2 4.13 4.1312 from least to greatest?

From least to greatest: 4.103 then 4.13 then 4.1312 then 4.24.103 comes before 4.13 because the second decimal place is 0, which comes before 34.13X comes before 4.1312 because there are no decimal places after the 3 (see X), which is the same as 0 and 0 comes before 1.Any decimal that starts with 4.1 automatically comes before 4.2

What If decimals didn't exist?

Before decimals were invented, people used fractions.

What number comes before 1?

The number 0 and the next is 2.

What decimal is before 0.45?

There is no such number because decimals are infinitely dense. That is, between any two decimals, there are infinitely many decimals.

Is 0 greater than 0.9?

no all decimals are greater than 0 but not by much

What is the answer when 2.455 to the nearest hundred in decimals?

To the nearest hundred, it is 0.

How thick is 3 mm in decimals?

It is 3. 0 mm or 0. 3 cm or 0. 003 m

What number comes before 1 2?

It is: 0 1 2 3 ... etc

What are 3 decimals between 0 and 1?

0.2, 0.3, 0.4

What numbers come before zero?

If you're talking about whole numbers, then negative integers. But since fractions and decimals are numbers, and are not integers, anything with a negative symbol before it comes before zero. Examples: -0.34, -40, -2/3

What are decimal benchmarks?

Benchmark Decimals are fractions (decimals) like 0 1/2 1/4 .25 .50 .75 like that!

What comes before B if N comes before m i comes before o you comes before i z comes before x?

V - Think keyboard

What is the number after 1?

the number after 1 is 2 it goes,12345678910 but before 1 comes 0

In mathematics What number comes before 1 2?

If you mean integers of 1 and 2 then it is 0

How do you change decimals to percent?

youut 2342344=9_2=0+w-2

2 numbers between 0 and 1 using decimals?

0.01 and 0.02

How do you change decimals into a whole number?

1.0=1 that is it drop the . point and 0

What would 9 and 7 and one third and 8.9 and 7.5 and 0 and 0.4 be in least to greatest order?

In order from least (smallest) to greatest (largest), you would list these numbers as 0, 1/3, 0.4, 7, 7.5, 8.9, and 9. The reason 1/3 comes before 0.4 is that in decimals, 1/3 equals 0.33.

If N comes before M you comes before O U before you and Z before X what letter comes before B?

V comes before B.

What number comes before infinity?

There is actually no such thing as infinity, the numbers go on forever..........................and ever....................................:0