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Pythagoras is credited with the Pythagorean Theorem. Which says if you have a right triangle with sides A and B and a hypotenuse(longest side, across from the right angle) C. The A^2+B^2 = C^2

This theorem is used repeatedly through math to find the side length of triangles.

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Q: What contributions did Pythagoras make to the science?
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Who were the early thinkers and their contributions to science?

Archimedes- buoyancy Pythagoras- Pythagoras theorem Aristotle-early views on light etc.

What contributions did Pythagoras make?

He contributed the Pythagorean Theorem.

In what fields did Pythagoras work?

Pythagoras made many contributions to the field of math.

What time of period did Pythagoras make his contributions?

Around the time of 560 BC to 500 BC.

What are the Greek science contributions?

Technology and Science were important parts of the ancient Greece. Hippocrates is referred "The Father of Modern Medicine while Pythagoras invented the Pythagorean Theorem which is widely used in Science.

What was Pythagoras most famous for related to science?

What was pythagoras most famous for related to science?

Was Pythagoras gay?

Pythagoras never commented on his sexuality, and it has no bearing on his contributions to the field of mathematics.

What science did Pythagoras make a contribution to?

It was in the science of trigonometry that Pythagoras' theorem states that for any right angle triangle that when its hypotenuse is squared that it is equal to the sum of its squared sides.

What contributions did Orville wright make to science?


Was Pythagoras of samos gay yes or no?

Pythagoras never commented on his sexuality, and it has no bearing on his contributions to the study of mathematics.

What contributions did Pythagoras made to the matheatic world?


What did Pythagoras do that you do today?

Mathematics and science.

What other contributions did John Dalton make to science?

color blindness

What contributions did the Romans make in science?

They made alot. they loved it and culture.candy

What is the contributions of science?

the contribution of science

What are some contributions to mathematics by Pythagoras?

He came up with the pythagorean theorem

Contributions of Pythagoras?

HE liked to study the nature and numerology to the mathematics of the world.

What are some Pythagoras's contributions to society?

the pythagorean theorem and the tetractys of the decad

What contributions to science did Alfred hersey and Martha chase make?

what major contribution did martha chase have towards science

What are some contributions Pythagoras made to mathematics?

his theory for right angled triangles

When did Pythagoras make his school?

Pythagoras didn't make a school, Other people made the school in honor of Pythagoras

What contributions did Alfred wegener make in the field to science?

he helped the cose of conteniental drift

What philosophers have made contributions to math and what were the contributions?

Many philosophers have made contributions, such as Pythagoras, who made the Pythagorean theory, which is talking about angles such as a right angle and making that into an equation.

What contributions did muslim make in math and science?

Muslim contributed many things in math and science, like numbers that we are using and others.

What did Pythagoras do to make him a famous mathematician?

He was the discoverer of the Pythagoras' Theorem.