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would homelessness be a dependent variable

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Q: What could be a dependent and independent variable for homelessness?
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Is pounds an independent variable?

Pounds is a unit. Amount of pounds sold could be an independent variable (and money made being the dependent variable). On the other hand, amount of pounds sold could be the dependent variable, and time could be the dependent variable. Pounds is just a unit.

How do you control the dependent variable?

Technically you can't control the dependent variable. However, by controlling and monitoring the Independent variable, (the variable which determines the dependent variable) you could lead the dependent variable to produce favourable results.

What is a dependent variable independent variable and a control group?

The independent variable is the thing you change, the dependent variable is the variable that changes because of the independent variable, it could also be referred to as the effect, and the control group is the constant, the thing that stays the same and the variable that you compare your results to.

What are the three types of variables?

The three types of variables are: Independent: it is the one that you manipulate Dependent: the one that reacts to the changes in the independent variable and is measured in a experiment Control: all the other factors that could affect the dependent variable but are kept constant through out an experiment

What are the independent variable and the dependent variable?

An independent variable is the variable you can change in an experiment. On a graph, it's on the X-axis. A dependent variable is the result of changing the independent variable. It is literally dependent on it. The dependent variable goes on the Y-axis.

What is the dependent and independent variables for y equals 23x plus 30?

As it is written, x is the independent variable and y is the dependent. But you could re-write it as x = y/23 + 30/23 and then y is the independent variable and x the dependent.

What is the dependent variable in a project?

the dependent variable cant change the independent varible, but the independent variable can change the dependent varible. (eg: Bob wants to see if the new baseball pitching machine throws better fastballs then his friend. The baseball pitching machine(independent) could change a fastball(dependent), but a fastball(dependent) cant change the baseball pitching machine(independent).

What is the independent and dependent variable definitions?

The independent variable is the one factor that will be manipulate or changed during the experiment....The dependent variable is the variable that becomes altered as a result of the change that was made in the independent variable...

Can carbon ages can be used as independent or dependent variable?

Either. You could have carbon isotope ratios as your independent and carbon age as your dependent. or You could have the carbon age of soil samples as your independent and the artefacts that you are trying to date as the dependent.

Could the independent and dependent variable be the same thing in an experiment?

Yes, if it is autoregressive.

Is time always an independent variable?

No. If you are studying waiting time, for example at a bank, the waiting time could be the dependent variable with the number of open windows as the independent variable.

How does the manipulation of an independent variable during a scientific experiment allow a scientist to find a cause-and-effect relationship between variables?

The independent variable, or manipulating variable always affect the outcome of a dependent, or responsive, variable. For example, i have a fire going, and i want to put it out. I could use a range of materials. The range of materials is the independent variable, while the fire going out or not is the dependent variable. This shows a cause and effect.