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The road surface could be slippery, your brake pads could be worn, your tyres could be worn, your brakes could be faulty.

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Q: What could be the problem if when you apply your brakes the car takes time to come to a stop?
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What energy takes place when you apply the brakes on a bicycle?

i think it is kinetic energy to thermal energy.

What energy transformation takes place when you apply the brakes on a bicycle?

i think it is kinetic energy to thermal energy.

Why is it unwise to suddenly apply the brakes of a car on a wet or icy pavement?

Suddenly applying the brakes on a wet or icy road could cause the wheels to lock. With the wheels locked up it takes longer to stop. Also, locked wheels could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle.

What does stopping distances mean?

stopping distance is the distance it takes for a vehicle to come to a full stop from the moment you apply the brakes

What is wrong if the rear brakes do not seem to be catching on a 1998 Nissan 240SX after having the brakes changed?

Usually after brakes are changed, it takes time for it to break in. So the brakes wont be as "grippy" as before. If that does not solve your problem, then it might be because of air bubbles in the brake lines. Try bleeding the system. If that doesn't solve your problem, then it could be a problem with your calipers. You can fix it, but most people just get another one from the junk yard. Takes less time and it's cheap too. I was going to say it could be the master cylinder, but it wouldn't be. Because 240sx has a diagonal braking system. Which means if one cylinder fails then you would still have brakes in front right and rear left OR vice versa.

Can brake failure happen when your brakes are wet?

No, you will not have brake failure. However when the brakes are wet and you apply them, it takes a couple of seconds for the water on the pads and rotor to evaporate. During that time you do not have good braking. But the water itself will quickly dissipate due to the heat and friction of the brakes. Water does not damage a brake system.

After replacing the master cylinder on your 1996 Ford Aerostar the warning lights on the dash stay lit what is the problem?

Your brakes need bleeding. And if you have antilock brakes, you should take it to a shop to bleed them. It takes special tools to bleed antilock brakes. If you have regular brakes you can bleed them yourself. Could go into further detail but would take too long to explain. Refer to a repair manual. Note: bleeding antilock brakes without first disconnecting the sensor will damage the sensor and the antilock function will no longer work (learned the hard way, unfortunately).

How do you change the brakes on a Toyota Sequoia?

it takes about an hour to do it. and it's easy.

What could be the problem on a 1999 buick century when it takes 15 minutes to warm up?

Thermostat is stuck open.

Why trains do not stop immediately after applying brakes?

they're so heavy that it takes the brakes some time to dissipate all that moving energy.

Why are my new brakes and rotors sqealing on my 92 Ford Tempo?

This is a common problem with disk brakes. Give it some mileage and 9 times out of ten it goes away. If not you could trying lubing the rear of the pads and the slide pins so make sure that they are releasing easier. This usually takes care of it. There is a grease that is used for just this thing available at any auto store. Good luck.

This is the distance it takes to stop once the brakes are applied?

vehicle breaking system

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