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you might not get the experiment correct (:

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Q: What could happen if a scientist does not conduct a controlled variable?
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What is the difference between a controlled experiment and a variable?

In a control, the scientists know what to expect what will happen in an experiment... it is used for comparison.A variable is pretty simple. All it is, is the thing in the experiment that changes. There is usually only one of them in an experiment, and there are two kinds... Im sure you are familiar with them.-An independent variable is when the scientist controls what they are looking for-A dependent variable scientists dont control directly, but they measure for results

A scientist performs a controlled experiment This means that?

they are making sure no outside influences affect the experiment. This ensures that whatever is going to happen will happen on its own.

Why are events that only happen once difficult for scientist to analyze?

They need multiple instances of the same event with one variable.

What is the name for a person who uses apparatus and observations in a controlled way to find out how and why things happen?

A scientist. Now stop cheating on your homework.

When did Variable Geo happen?

Variable Geo happened in 1993.

What would happen if you change the manipulated variable?

it would not be a independent variable (manipulated variable) any more it would a diffrent variable.

How does a scientist know that a tsunami will happen?

A scientist knows when a tsunami will happen depending on the wheather that day and the waves movements.

Should sugar conduct electricity?

I don't know about what "should" happen, I only know what does happen, which is that sugar does not conduct electricity to any significant degree.

What happen with the twin towers?

Controlled demolition.

What does the scientist think will happen in 2012?

Nothing will happen, it's going to be a regular year.

What is a hypothesis variable?

A hypothesis is not a is something that you think will happen based on reasoning and observations, before doing an experiment.

What is the difference between an inventor and a scientist?

a inventor invents things but a scientist finds out what things happen in the world

When do scientists predict that a hurricane is going to happen?

yeah dude a scientist can predict when a tornado will happen.

What would happen if cell division was not controlled?

Geese will die.

What can happen if and when manifested actions are controlled?

smoothing over of conflict

What is an example of an independent variable?

An independent variable may happen in an experiment. A variable is a different component that is applied to experiments. If it is independent that means it doesn't rely on any other factor.

Is there a chance of a zombie invasion?

yes there is a chance it will happen if scientist mess up but it will most likely not happen

Why do scientist try to predict natural disasters?

They happen so fast

What do you think would happen to our lives if scientist did not apply what they have learned?


Scientist hypothesize in order to explain what?

to what they think will happen in a certain situation

What do scientist think will happen to the universe in the future?

that the universe will keep on expanding

Does copper sulfate conduct electricity?

Copper sulphate can conduct electricity. However, this will only happen when it is in liquid or gaseous state but not in solid form.

Why is it important to have a control in a science experiment?

In order to be certain that the changing of the independent variable directly affects the dependent variable, a control must be taken where the independent variable is not changed-this ensures that whatever happens to the dependent variable happens because of the independent variable, and is not something that would happen anyway.

What is meant to happen this years according to who?

the world is meant to end and scientist said it

What is a scientists hypothesis?

A scientist's hypothesis is a intelligent guess as to what will happen in a certain experiment