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What, if anything, is "twenths"?

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Q: What decimal fraction is related to three twenths?
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What is the common denominator for the fraction three -fourths one-sixths two-ninths and thirteen twenths?

90 is your common denominator.

What is three tenths as a decimal and a fraction?

3/10 (fraction) = 0.3 (decimal)

What is three tenths as a decimal fraction?

Three tenths is .3 as a decimal.

What is the decimal of the fraction three fourths?

0.75 part fraction

What is forty-three converted into a fraction and decimal?

Fraction: 43/1Decimal: 43.000

How do you write the fraction three hundredths?

3/100 as a fraction or .03 as a decimal

How do you write the fraction three fourths as a decimal?


Three and five-twenths?

3 and 5/20ths = 3 and 1/4th = 3.25

What does seven and seven hundred three thousandths look like in fraction and decimal?

Decimal: 7.703 Fraction: 7703/1000

What is the decimal form of three and seven eights?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, three and seven eighths is equal to 3.875.

What is the decimal equivalent of the fraction three thirds?

3/3 in decimal form is 1.0

What is the fraction eight over thirty three as a decimal?


Write as a decimal and a fraction for four and three tenths?


What is three thousandths as a decimal fraction?

3/1000 = 0.003

What is three hundredths in a fraction and decimal?

3/100 and 0.03

What is the fraction 1 and three tens in a decimal?

I think it is 1.3

What are three ways to express probability?

percentage, decimal, fraction

3 fifths as a decimal fraction?

The decimal version of three fifths is .6 (six tenths is the same as three fifths).

0.656 as a fraction?

That is 656 / 1000. Since there are three digits after the decimal point, you need three zeroes in the fraction's denominator.

What is three fifth as a fraction equal to?

Three fifths as a fraction is 3/5 and is equivalent to 6/10 or 0.6 as a decimal

What is thirty-three fiftieths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 33/50 is equal to 0.66.

What is three thousandths in figure?

Three thousandths as a fraction is 3/1000 or 0.003 as a decimal

How do you turn 0.3 percent into a decimal and fraction?

-- Decimal: Divide it by 100.-- Fraction: Read the decimal out loud ... "three thousandths" ...and then quickly write down what you hear yourself say.

What is fifty-three hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 53/100 is equal to 0.53.

How do you write three hundred eight and twenty seven hundredths as a equvivale decimal and fraction?

308.27 (decimal) 308 27/100 (fraction) 308-27/100 (fraction)