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Decimal: 7.703

Fraction: 7703/1000

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2013-04-24 05:18:11
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Q: What does seven and seven hundred three thousandths look like in fraction and decimal?
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Write seven hundred two thousandths?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, Seven hundred plus two thousandths is equal to 700.002. Seven hundred and two over one thousand is equal to 0.702.

How do you write sixty-seven hundred-thousandths in decimal form?

Sixty-seven hundred-thousandths in decimal form is 0.00067

How do you write three hundred seven thousandths In a decimal?

Three hundred seven thousandths = 0.307

How do you write as decimal fraction seven and thirty one thousandths?

seven and thirty one thousandths= 7.031 in decimal= 7031/1000 in decimal fraction

How do you write two hundred fifty-seven thousandths as a decimal?

Two hundred fifty-seven thousandths written as a decimal is 0.257

What is the word from of the decimal number 8.00707?

Eight and seven hundred seven hundred thousandths

How do you write seven and seven hundred twelve thousandths in standard form?

Seven and seven hundred twelve thousandths would be written as 7.712The "and" tells you where the decimal goes, "thousandths" tells you how many places there will be in the decimal part of your answer (3 decimal places for thousandths), and seven hundred twelve tells you how many thousandths there will be.

How do you write seven hundred and ninety seven thousandths as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, this is equal to 79/700. Expressed as a decimal fraction rounded to three significant figures, this is equal to 0.113.

How do you write one hundred seven thousandths in decimals?

One Hundred Seven Thousandths in decimal form is 0.107

How do you write three and four hundred ninety-seven thousandths decimal?

Three and four hundred ninety-seven thousandths in decimal form is 3.497

How would you write seven hundred thousandths?

Expressed as a proper fraction, this is equal to 700/1000. Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 0.7.

Which word from is the decimal number 7.781?

Seven and seven hundred eighty-one thousandths

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