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Q: What decimal is equivalent to one and three fourths?
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Related questions

How do you write one and three fourths in decimal form?

One and three fourths is 1.75 in decimal form.

What is one plus three fourths?

One and three fourths or 1.75 in decimal.

How do you write two twenty fourths as a decimal?

2/24 cannot be written accurately as a decimal. Two twenty-fourths is equivalent to one twelfth which in decimal is 0.8333 recurring.

What is one and three fourths equal to a decimal?

It is: 1 and 3/4 = 1.75 as a decimal

Three forths as a decimal?

one fourth is a quarter (1/4) which is decimal 0.25 two fourths is a half (2/4 = 1/2) which is decimal 0.50 three fourths is three quarters (3/4) which is decimal 0.75 four fourths is one whole (4/4 = 1/1) which is decimal 1.00

Is one half and three fourths equivalent?

One half and three fourths are not equivalent. If you were to divide 1/2 (1 divided by 2), you would get .50 . If you were to divide 3/4 (3 divided by 4), you would get .75, therefore making one half not equivalent to three fourths.

What is one and three fourths as a decimal?

1 and 3/4 = 1.75

How many pints are in nine and three fourths quarts?

Two pints is equivalent to one quart, so nine and three-fourths quarts is equivalent to nineteen and a half pints.

What is 2 and 1 fourth minus one and one half?

It is three fourths or 0.75 in decimal.

What is in the middle of one half and three fourths?

One half = 0.5 and three fourths = 0.75, so the middle would be 0.625 which is equivalent to 5/8.

What is one and three fourths plus one and three fourths?

1.75 + 1.75 = 3.5 One and three fourths plus one and three fourths is three and a half.

What is the difference of one and a half and three fourths?

The difference of one and a half and three fourths is three fourths.

What is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 3 24ths?

The decimals equivalent of three twenty fourths (or one eighths) is .125 This can be determined by typing 3 divided by 24 into a calculator or by long division.

What is five and one half divided by three fourths?

5 and one half divided by three fourths is = to 5.5/.75 which = 7.333333333333 repeating as a decimal, OR 7 + 1/3, OR 22/3

What is the fraction with a decimal value between one half and three fourths?

5/8 = 0.625

How much is one and three fourths times one and three fourths?

one and three fourths equals seven fourths. seven fourths times seven fourths is forty nine over sixteen (3 and 1/16)

What is the decimal of one fourths?


What is three fourths times three and how?

Three fourths times two is one and a half so if you add three fourths to that you will get two and one fourth.

My numerator is 6 less then your deonominator are you equivalent to three fourths?

No. 1/7 is nowhere near three fourths, while 999993/1000000 is nearly equal to one.

What is one half of three fourths tablespoon?

One-half of three-fourths is three-eighths.

Which is bigger one halve or three fourths?

three fourths.

What is bigger one half or three fourths?

Three fourths

What is one and three fourths as a number?

Expressed as a decimal number, 1 3/4 is equal to 1.75.

What is an equivalent decimal of one and three tens?


What is the sum of three and one half and eight and one fourths?

eleven and three fourths