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That equals 0.85 of a whole, 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.10.

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Q: What decimal part of a whole is one half plus one-fourth plus one tenth?
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Is the radius of a circle onefourth the length of a diameter?

No. The radius is half of the diameter.

What is a decimal?

A decimal is a little dot that separates whole numbers from un-whole numbers. For example: 48.967 The number to the left of a decimal is a whole number and the number to the right of the decimal is an un-whole number, ie. a fraction.Decimals are the numbers that live in between whole numbers. Example: 1.5, which mean one and a half.relating to or denoting a system of numbers and arithmetic based on the number ten, tenth parts, and powers of ten:

How do you write HALF OF one tenth of one percent in decimal format?


What is 0.0135 a decimal of?

0.0135 is the decimal - and a decimal and a fraction is simply parts of the whole of something. For instance: 1.0 and 1/100 means that there is a whole, while 0.50 and 1/50 means half of the whole.

What is 320 rounding to the nearest tenth?

320.0 because the nearest tenth must have a number after the decimal otherwise without the zero you have half mark or none.

How do you write one half into a decimal?

1/2 = .5 1/2 is a half a whole, and one whole number is 1. so half is 0.5

The difference between a decimal and a whole number?

a decimal is part of a whole number e.g. 0.5 is half a whole numbera whole number is just a normal number e.g. 1, 2, 5, 8, 14, 56 etc. A whole number is on the left side of the dot and the decimal is on the right.Example: whole number decimal decimal number 43 . 684

What is half of 1 tenth?

Half of a tenth is 0.05

How is a decimal similar to fractions?

A decimal is similar to a fraction because they are both part of a whole number, not a whole number, just part of one. For example, 0.5 is the same thing as 1/2 , or half. This means both are only half of a whole number.

Is half bigger than a tenth?

Yes a half is bigger tan a tenth. A half =50% and a tenth =10%

What is a half as a whiole number?

It can is 0.5 as a decimal which can be rounded up to 1 as a whole number

What difference does it make if the decimal is placed before or after the number?

If the number is before the decimal, it is a whole number. The numbers after the decimal represent fractions of whole numbers. For example if you had to work 8.5 hours, you would work 8 whole hours plus one half hour.

Is 8 a whole number?

Yes, 8 is a whole number. A half number would be 2.5. Any number without a decimal is a whole number. If it has a decimal in the number, like .5, then it is a number with part of a number.

How do you write one whole and four eighths as a decimal?

1.5FractionsYou have the fraction 4/8.This reduces down to 1/2.A half in decimal format will always be .5now you must place your whole before the decimal to get 1.5

What fraction is half of one tenth?

A half of one tenth is one twentieth.

What are fractions that can represent some portion of a whole?

The term fraction means a part of the whole. So one half (1/2) is a fraction. The decimal 0.5 means a half and is also a fraction.

What is the decimal of one half?

one half in decimal = 0.5

What is the decimal for 11 and a half?

decimal for 11 and a half = 11.5

How do you work out one half of one tenth?

one tenth is 0.1 half of that is 0.05 or 1/20 :)

What is 1 tenth add 1 half?


How do you change 3 and a half to a decimal?

To change 3 and a half to a decimal you can either do 3.5, 3.50 or 3.500.A half as a decimal is 0.5 and 3 is already a decimal number so 3 and a half is 3.5 in decimal form.

What is a decimal of a half?

decimal of a half = 0.51/2:= 1 ÷ 2= 0.5 in decimal

What is the difference between a whole number and a not whole number?

A whole number does not include a fraction or decimal part. For example, 3, 107, -9 and zero are whole numbers. 2.1, -17,4528765 and two-and-a-half are not whole numbers.

What is 1 half of a decimal?

half of a decimal is 0.50

How do i write a half as a decimal?

A half which is 1/2 is 0.5 as a decimal

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