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Q: What did people do before decimals?
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What If decimals didn't exist?

Before decimals were invented, people used fractions.

What comes before 0 in decimals?

Any negative decimal comes before zero in decimals.

What decimal is before 0.45?

There is no such number because decimals are infinitely dense. That is, between any two decimals, there are infinitely many decimals.

Which will people prefer fractions or decimals?


Why is it helpful to estimate the answer before adding or subtracting decimals?

It can be helpful for people who do not have a clue where the decimal point should go in the answer. For those who do know, the exercise is pointless.

What are the words for things which don't have decimals and things which do?

Things without decimals like people are called discrete data and things that you can measure with decimals like mass are called continuous data. :)

What are foundations for fractions?

for calculations including parts of numbers, before decimals were commonplace

What are the multiples of 0.4?

Multiples refer to whole numbers, not decimals.

How do people use decimals in there daily lives?

money, medicine

Besides money what else do you use decimals for?

There are many ways that people use decimals. One may encounter decimals when weighing fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Decimals are also often used when keeping time, during a track meet or a marathon, for instance.

What is the sum of the decimals 5.08 and 6.9 by rounding to the whole number before adding?


What are signs for decimals?

terminating decimals and repeating decimals