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What does estimate quotient and then ddivide

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Q: What do estimate each quotient then divide means?
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Related questions

What does it mean when in says estimate each product or quotient?

I think it means to do the work and then estimate it. But it could also be estimate the divisor and dividend and then do the work after those two numbers are estimated.

What does each means in math?

each means that you have to divide and that is all it means

76.5 divided by 8.8 in compatible numbers to estimate each quotient?


What does in each mean in math?

each means that you have to divide and that is all it means

If you have 18 erasers and use 3 erasers each month. how many months will your eraser last identify the quotient dividendand divisor.?

Divide 18 by 3 The dividend is 18 The divisor is 3 The answer is the quotient

What does estimate each difference mean?

Estimate each difference means to estimate the numbers that they give you estimate means round to the nearest 10 like if 24 and you have to round it it will be 20 if the number is 25 which is in the middle than it will be the number upper which is 30

The quotient of 794.1 divide by 7.61 expressed to two decimal places is?


Why is 2 tenths greater than 2 hudredths?

A tenth means that you divide something into 10 equal parts. A hundredth means that you divide something into a hundred equal parts. If you divide something into MORE parts, each part will be SMALLER.

Can the GCF of two numbers be greater that either of the numberd?

No. When finding the greatest common factor of two numbers, the factors of each number must divide that number "evenly", which means that the quotient of that division must be an integer. If a "factor" of a number were larger than that number, the quotient would be less than 1, and so the "factor" wouldn't actually be a factor because it doesn't divide the number evenly. At the same time, one can "factor" 4 out of 2 and get 4*(1/2), but that isn't considered a factor in the usual sense.

How can you tell about two integers when their quotient is positive negative zero?

If both integers are positive or both negative then the quotient is positive. If they are one of each then the quotient is negative.

How do you divide on an abacus?

Step1 Set the auxilary field on the left equal to the divisor. Step2 Put the dividend into the primary operations section. Step3 Divide each section as you would on paper, keeping track of the quotient in the right auxilary field. Subtract the number of the quotient multiplied by the divisor from the dividend between each section so that you have a method of checking for accuracy. Step4 Stop when the dividend is no longer equal to, or greater than, the divisor.

Find each product or quotient Express using exponents?

what is the product or quotient? i need to know so i can help you!

How do you simplify fraction?

If both the numerator and the denominator can divide into each other you divide the bottom into the top giving you a smaller fraction which still means the same thing.

How do you quarter 112?

To quarter a number means to divide it by four: 112 / 4 = 28

Is there a half step between E and F?

From E to F IS a half step. There is a quotient of 2^1/12 between them (If you divide the frequencies by each other). This is the quotient of a half step. If it was a whole step from E to F it would be 2^2/12. Since E to F is a half step there is no half step between them.

What are two ways to divide 975 and 25?

If you mean 975 divided by 25 then it can be done by short division or long division and the quotient is 39

How can find out how much your golf clubs are worth?

Easy you ask some one or find out how much is the whole package and divide by an estimate of how much each is and there is your answer

Does the word each sometimes suggest the operation of division?

If you see the words 'how many' or 'share' that usually means divide.

What does estimate the sum means?

It means round the number of each number you are adding i.e. 46 to 50 and 61 to 60. Then you just add them.

When people say Estimate each answer using compatible numbers what do they mean?

It means that you round each number to one, one half, or zero

What does 10.0grams convert to in kilograms?

Divide the grams by 1000. Each kilogram has 1000 grams. Kilo simply means 1000.

How does one determine an empirical formula from a percent composition?

Divide the percent composition of each element found by the gram atomic mass of that particular element. The resulting quotients will have small whole number ratios to each other or one another. Write the chemical symbols for the elements found by analysis in order of increasing electronegativity, each with a subscript corresponding to its small whole number in the ratios found. If possible, divide the subscripts so obtained by a whole number other than 1 that results in an integral quotient from each subscript. When such division is no longer possible, the resulting formula is the empirical formula of the compound analyzed.

How do you find the factorization of the number 75?

Prime factorization: It is a method to express each number as the product of prime numbers.Step 1: Which prime number divide 75?Ans: 3 and 5.But, we should start with the smallest prime number which divides 75.75÷3 = 25Step 2: Which prime number divide 25?Ans: 525÷5 = 5Step 3: We have to continuously divide each quotient by a prime number until the quotient itself is a prime number.In step 2 we are left with 5(prime number) as a quotient.So, prime factorization of 75 = product of all the quotients = 3x5x5

What are rules for quotient system in basketball?

The quotient system is used when there is a tie. It adds up the points scored by each team and divided by the total amount of points allowed.

What does simplify each fraction mean?

it means to find what can go intoboth the top and bottom number and divide until u cant anymore