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a follower

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Q: What do you call someone who is on your side?
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What do you call the side of someone face?

cheek, profile

What do you call someone that looks on the brighter side?

Optimist. They practice optimism.

What do you call someone who is unimportant and presumptuous?

Small fry

What are them things called that are in the water and people jump on 1 side and someone is on the other side being bounced into the water?

Well, different people call them different things. Some people call them Aqua Jumps, and some people call them Blobs!

How do you replace a passenger side view mirror on a 2003 grand am?

call the dealer and have someone wish you some luck

If I call someone what am I called?

If you call someone, you are the "caller".

What do you call a side of a square?

you usually just call it a side.

What do you call it when a photo is taken of the side of someones face usually done in prison?

This is normally called a profile or profile view.

What do you call someone from Omaha?

You call someone from Omaha an Omahan or for many, call them Omahans

What do you call someone who looks into the future?

what do you call someone who looks into the furture

If someone in Houston wanted to call and say hi to someone in Madagascar what time should they call?

if someone were to call you they woulded call you while you are sleeping so i think they should call in the mouring

What is name for a person who keeps every one happy?

Maybe you mean "who is someone who is always happy and looks on the bright side?" In that case you call them Optimists.Optimistic- When someone is always happy, looks on the bright side, and makes sure everyone around them is cheery, and happy.