What do you call two hundred years?

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Two centuries = 200 years

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Q: What do you call two hundred years?
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What do you call a hundred years?

You call a hundred years a century. If someone lives to one hundred years, that is considered to be quite an achievement.

If one hundred years is a century what is two hundred years called?

Two hundred years could be called: - two centuries - twenty decades - two-hundred years

What do people call 100 years?

One-hundred years is what we call a century.

How many years is two hundred billion years?

Two hundred billion years is 200,000,000,000 years, expressed in figures.

When was Two Hundred Years Together created?

Two Hundred Years Together was created in 2001.

What do you call someone who is a hundred years old?


What is a word meaning something that is two hundred years old?

"Bicentennial" means something that is two hundred years old.

What do you call a person aged hundred years?

Such a person is a centenarian.

How do you call a 1000 years?

One thousand years is a millennium, from the Latin "mille" for "thousand". One hundred years is a century, from the Latin "centum" for "hundred".

The crusades lasted about how many years?

about two hundred years

How many men total in the Bible lived 900 years or older?

{| Search results for: nine AND hundred AND years AND old! Book |- ! Description ! Context | Nave's LONGEVITY SeeOLD AGE ... Adam, nine-hundred and thirty years ... Seth, nine-hundred and twelve years ... Enos, nine-hundred and five years ... Cainan, nine-hundred and ten years ... Mahalaleel, eight-hundred and ninety-five years ... Jared, nine-hundred and sixty-two years ... Enoch, three-hundred and sixty-five years ... Methuselah, nine-hundred and sixty-nine years ... Lamech, seven-hundred and seventy-seven years ... Noah, nine-hundred and fifty years ... Shem, six-hundred years ... Arphaxad, four-hundred and thirty-eight years ... Salah, four-hundred and thirty-three years ... Eber, four-hundred and sixty-four years ... Peleg, two-hundred and thirty-nine years ... Reu, two-hundred and thirty-nine years ... Serug, two-hundred and thirty years ... Nahor, one-hundred and forty-eight years ... Terah, two-hundred and five years ... Job, "lived one-hundred and forty years" after his ordeal, and then "he died at a very great age," ... Sarah, one-hundredand twenty-seven years ... Abraham, one-hundred and seventy-five years ... Isaac, one-hundred and eighty years ... Jacob, one-hundred and forty-seven years ... Joseph, one-hundred and ten years... Amram, one-hundred and thirty-seven years ... Aaron, one-hundred and twenty-three years ... Moses, one-hundred and twenty years ... Joshua, one-hundred and ten years ... Eli, ninety-eight years ... Barzillai, eighty years ... Jehoiada, one-hundred and thirty years ... Anna, older than eighty-four years |}

What does every two hundred years mean?

For example, something that happened in 1400, 1600 and 1800 happened every two hundred years.

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