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The phrase two peas in a pod means that two people or items are identical or very similar. It dates back to as early as the 16th century.

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Q: What do you call two peas in a pot?
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What is Two peas in a pot?

do you mean pod?

What do they mean by two peas and a pot?

Two peas in a pod mean they are very close friends,.... and it is a meatophorBy: Darkstar59

What is two peas plus two peas?

four peas!

Which is correct blackeyed peas or blackeyed beans?

Blackeyed Peas, are peas. Butter Beans, are beans. What I call Snaps, are also, Green Beans, and there are Green Peas, that are peas.

What do you call the pot for pouring tea?

Tea pot.

Why do the black eyed peas call them self the black eyed peas?

Because Black Eyed Peas are the soul food and The Black Eyed Peas sing from their soul.

What you call a pot-maker?

A pot maker is called a potter.

As alike as two peas in a pod is an example of what figure of speech?

'Like two peas in a pod' is a simile.

What do you call sweet peas in Hindi?


What do you call a pot in Hindi?

Pot means 'mitti ka patra'.

Why do the call weed pot?

Why do we call marijuana weed

Why did the black eyed peas call themselves the black eyed peas?

Because black eyed peas are food for and from the soul (ground) and the music that the Black Eyed Peas make are also (food) ''for and from the soul''

What does two peas in a pod mean?

Two peas in a pod means to be very similar in something. In a literal sense, two peas in the same pod are identical. This expression is then used when two people, two animals, or objects are very alike.

Who is the girl in black eyed peas?

The girl in the black eyed Peas is Fergie.She is British and was the latest one to join the group she has made a popular CD by herself call the dutchess and she can really sing. Fergie and are the two main singers of the Black Eyed Peas.

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Peas - 2010?

The cast of Two Peas - 2010 includes: Emily Taaffe as Mary

Two short sentences describing carrots and peas?

Carrots are orange and peas are green.

When plant roots are tightly packed in a pot what do you call it?

Root-bound or pot-bound

How do you say two peas in a pod in Spanish?

Dos guisantes en una vaina is how you say two peas in a pod in Spanish.

Why do call a pot belly a pot belly?

probably because it's shaped like an old-fasioned soup pot/cauldron.

What do you call peas in Telugu?

battani బటాణి

What does the black eyed peas call there fans?

pead off

What does three peas in a pod mean?

As an idiom, nothing. The saying is two peas in a pod, which is a way of saying that two people are very much alike, as similar as a pair of peas from the same pod.

What is the literal meaning of two peas in a pod?

The pea (the small green spherical vegetable) grows in pods, a container that holds several identical peas. The saying "Like two peas in a pod!" refers to the fact that if you open up a pea pod, all of the peas are identical.

What is the genotype of a plant that produces green peas. Yellow peas are dominant?

two recessive alleles gg

Is Justin Bieber cheating on other girls?

NO! Justin Bieber is not cheating on other girls because he loves me Patricia Joyceann Stutz and we are like two peas in a pot we stay together always side by side.