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The LCM will contain all factors including variables. Look at coefficients and find their LCM. Then IF several terms have a common factor with a differnt exponent, use that variable with the largest exponent. If a variable appears in only one term, it will still be part of the LCM with its exponent.

EX Find LCM for 14s3 and 6 ---- ANSWER --- 42s3

Ex Find Lcm for 3x2y , 4y3, and 7x --- The LCM is 84x2y3 biggest exponents even if not in all terms.

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Q: What do you do when you have a variable when trying to find the LCM?
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Can you find the variable by using pythagorean theorem?

It very much depends on what variable you are trying to find and what information is available.

When you have variables and your trying to find the LCM what would you do?

Choose the higher power. The LCM of x3 and x5 is x5

How do you find the LCM of variable expressions?

Use the LCM for their coefficients.Use each vriable with the LARGEST exponent in each term.Ex: Find the LCM of 15 x2y5 and 20 x3y4LCM of 15 and 20 is 60, LCM of x2 and 20 x3 is x3 , LCM of y5 and y4 is y5So the LCM is 60 x3y5

What is an IVCDV chart?

independent variable- constants- dependent variable an independent variable is the one to changeand the constants is what u do nuthin to and the dependent variable is what u are trying to find out

Can 1 be a LCM?

1 can only be an LCM (least common multiple) if the numbers you're trying to find an LCM for are 1 and 1. LCM cannot be smaller than the largest of the numbers you're using.

Why you need LCM and HCF in maths?

It's kind of an inverse relationship. The product of the GCF and LCM of two numbers is the same as the product of the original two numbers, so as the GCF increases, the LCM decreases and vice versa. LCM is divisable by HCF.

What is the variable used to predict another variable called?

It is called the independent variable. For example if you are trying to find y: y = x+1 X is the independent variable, and Y is the dependent variable. The value of Y, depends on the value of X.

What does find two pairs of numbers with least common multiple?

A common question in mathematics asks you to find two pairs of numbers with a given LCM. It is trying to find out whether you know what an LCM is, how to find it and reinforces the fact that more than one pair of numbers can have the same LCM. Q. Find two pairs of numbers with the LCM of 36. A. 4 and 9, 12 and 18 (Other answers are possible.)

How do you find the LCM multiple for two fractions?

The LCM is used for integers, not fractions. If you're trying to add unlike fractions, take the LCM of the denominators (known in this case as the least common denominator, or LCD), convert the fractions and proceed.

What is the relationship between a manipulated and a responding variable?

That is the point of doing the experiment. You are trying to find out if there is any relationship at all.

What number can be divided by both 15 and 8?

That is called trying to find the LCM (Lowest Common Multiple). Answer: 120 There is a good link for a LCM calculator in the "related links" section, below.

What does 5n mean in algebra?

5 times n (n is a variable--it is the number you are trying to find)