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Use the LCM for their coefficients.

Use each vriable with the LARGEST exponent in each term.

Ex: Find the LCM of 15 x2y5 and 20 x3y4

LCM of 15 and 20 is 60, LCM of x2 and 20 x3 is x3 , LCM of y5 and y4 is y5

So the LCM is 60 x3y5

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Q: How do you find the LCM of variable expressions?
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How do you find the gcf and LCM of numbers with variables and-exponents?

For the greatest common factor, you check which variables appear in each of the expressions. In the case of exponents, you take the lowest exponent for each variable. For the least common multiple, you take each variable, whether it appears in all of the expressions involved, or only in some of them. In the case of the exponents, you take the greatest exponent for each variable. If there are numeric coefficients (numbers as products), you take either the gcf or the lcm of those in the usual way.

What do you do when you have a variable when trying to find the LCM?

The LCM will contain all factors including variables. Look at coefficients and find their LCM. Then IF several terms have a common factor with a differnt exponent, use that variable with the largest exponent. If a variable appears in only one term, it will still be part of the LCM with its exponent. EX Find LCM for 14s3 and 6 ---- ANSWER --- 42s3 Ex Find Lcm for 3x2y , 4y3, and 7x --- The LCM is 84x2y3 biggest exponents even if not in all terms.

What is the definition of equivalen variable expressions?

Two expressions are "equivalent" if they have the same result for any values of the variable or variables.

What is the definition of an equivalent variable expressions?

An equation if both expressions are equal

Can expressions have and equal sign with a variable?

Expressions never have equality signs

How are equivalent expressions used?

You can use them to find a variable. Lets say you have two equivalent expressions with the same variable... x + 2x - 42 = 0 2x - 28 = 0 If you combine these equivalent expressions you ahve... x + 2x - 42 = 2x - 28 In all of the expressions you have x = 7 There are also other applications but its confusing to explain.

What Algebraic expressions?

An expression with a variable.

How are numerical and variable expressions similar?

These two are both similar because they are both expressions.

How do you find the value of expressions?

Two steps.1) Replace any variable by its value. 2) Do the indicated calculations.

What are numerical expressions that are equal or algebraic expressions that are equal for all values of the variable?


What are expressions that contain the same variable?

an algebraic expression

How do you add similar rational algebraic expressions?