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Square units of the corresponding linear measurements.

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Q: What do you label area with in math?
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How area is label?

You label it square if it is a square

If the label for length is X the label for height is Y and the label for depth is Z what is the label for time?

Which label belongs in the area marked Z?

A football pitch and label?

a ply area for football pitch label

What is the math term for area?

Area... -.-"

Symbol for the math term area?

A capital A is usually used as a symbol for area in math.

Is area always squared in math?

Yes, area is always squared in math. I know this because I asked my math teacher ( who is the best math teacher ever!)

How do you label measures of surface area?

by turds

How do you label the area of a triangle?

You label it with an exponent 2, because it is squared-half of a square.... YALL SHOOD NO DAT.

When labeling area does the 2 go after or before the label label as in like feet or inches?

After. Inches2 or metres2

Math used in carpeting?

yes, they use math to calculate the area for the room.

How do you work out area of arch?


How many calories in 20 grams of potatos chips?

Check the nutritional facts label on the bag and do the math.

What does architechture have to do with math?

Architects use math in everything from angles to finding the area of a building.

What does the term surface area mean in math?

The surface area is the sum of all the shapes' area

Describe area in your own words in math class?

area is just the area inside a shape

What area use calculator the most?


What does area and perimeter refer to?

math of course

How do you find surface area of a spool?


What does a s mean in math?

surface area

In math what does SA stand for?

surface area

How would you use area in a sentence?

We learned about area and perimeter in math class.

How do you label the answer to the surface area of a cylinder eg cm2 or cm3?


Do you label area in square centimeters?

yes of cors who dost no that

On what part of a cylinder would you find the soup can label?

The label is placed on the curved surface area of the cylinder. Its area can be found using the formula A = 3.14dh where d is the diameter and h is the height of the can. It is rectangular in shape.

What does label mean in math terms?

It means that if you do a simple question like 12-4 it equals 8 right? If you were using a label it could be a chocolate bar, donut or really anything. 8 donuts. :)