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Yes, area is always squared in math. I know this because I asked my math teacher ( who is the best math teacher ever!)

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Q: Is area always squared in math?
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Why is area always measured in square units?

Area has a length and a width. Simple math is x * x = x squared.

How do you know if your answer is squared when finding area?

If you have calculated it correctly, it will always be squared.

How do you figure out if the area or perimeter needs to be squared?

the perimeter of a figure is never squared, but the area of a figure is always squared. Hope this helped :)

What does pi r squared mean in math?

That's the formula for the area of a circle.

What is the formula for a circle in math?

The area of a circle is pi times r squared.

What are some math equations?

some math equations: For area of a triangle: A=1/2 b*h. *=Times or multiplication sign. Area of a square or rectangle: A=b*h Area of a circle: A=pi R squared [try writing this one on a piece of paper. Pythagorean Theorem: a squared + b squared=c squared. perimeter: 2b+2h

What is the math term area mean?

in simple math terms it is the length times height of a 2 dimension object the units are squared so if the length is five in and the height is 4 inches then the area would be 20 inches^2(squared)

Why is area always squared?

Because it is the base times the height.

In math its three squared what is it?

Three squared always used to be 32 equals nine or 32=9. I'm in pace so here is my answer: 3x3x3

How do you convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed?

you cannot convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed. the volume is always cubed. the area is squared

How do you know the perimeter of a square and you want to determine its area Explain how you can calculate the area?

For a square, the area is always 1/4 of the perimeter squared. Or one side squared.

What are some common math formulas?

Well pythagorus theoreum is a squared plus b squared equals c squared and circumference equals pie x diameter and area equals pie x radius squared

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