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A theodolite is a measuring device so without more information, that question is pretty much unanswerable.

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Dia of graduated circle of its lower plate is 12 cm

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What is the type of theodolite?

Transit and non-transit theodolite.

Advantages and disadvantages of theodolite?

advantage and disadvantage of theodolite

What is 12cm x 12cm x 12cm?

1728 cm cubed

How do you spell theodolite light?

Theodolite light is the correct spelling

What is the list count of theodolite?

least count of theodolite is 1 second

Least count of theodolite?

5 mm is the least count of theodolite.

What is principle of theodolite survey?

principle of theodolite is based on the principle of trigonometry.

How do you set out a building using a theodolite?

A theodolite measures angles and axis needed for site surveying. The horizontal and vertical angles are measured using a theodolite. A theodolite is actually a mounted telescope used in building.

What is 12MM plus 12CM?

12mm + 12cm

What equals 12cm?

12cm = 12 cm

Two boxes is 12cm high 12cm long and 12cm wide is it similar?

Yes, they are similar.

How do you subtract 6m-12cm?


What is a digital theodolite?

A theodolite that shows a digital rather than analogue display.

How large is 12cm x 12cm?

1.44 cm

What is theodolite and parts of theodolite?

theodolite is a surveying instrument.It is is used for measure the horizontal & vertical angles of theodolite trivet,upper plate lower plate,plomb bob,telescope,vernierscale,leveling screw,tribrach,etc.,

What is the function of a theodolite?

theodolite are use in construction calculate the angle and horizantal distance and for fixed the point

What is the length and width of a CD case?

12cm x 12cm

What is 12cm in meters?

Since there are 100cm in a metre - 12cm is 0.12m

What is the diameter of a CD 12mm 12cm or 12dm?

Close to 12cm

How you change the face for taking angle in theodolite?

A theodolite is an instrument that is used in archaeoastronomy. To change the face for taking angle measurements when using a theodolite you must turn the telescope by 180 degrees.

What is the ratio of 12cm to 1.2cm?

12cm : 1.2 cm = 10 : 1

Which is bigger 12cm or 98mm?

12cm is bigger than 98mm (9.8cm)

How do you operate theodolite?

To operate a Theodolite, first drive a surveyor's nail into the ground where Theodolite will be set up. Second, set up tripod legs and gently place the instrument on the mounting plate then screw in the mounting knob beneath the instrument. Finally, adjust the vertical plummet of the Theodolite.

What does a theodolite measure?


How to check tower verticality by using theodolite?

To check a tower vertically by using a theodolite, you must first check for collimation and check the vertical axis of the theodolite. If all is okay, then set up your theodolite a bit away from the tower and clamp the horizontal plate, then check the tower zenith transit.