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It is a system of logic where each statement can have only one of two values: TRUE or FALSE. There are no UNLIKELY or VERY LIKELY etc, which we all face daily.

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Q: What do you mean by binary logic?
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What machine uses binary logic to process information?

Computers use binary logic to process information.

What is logic 0 and logic 1?

Logic 0 and logic 1 are the two states in digital (or binary) logic. A binary numbering system has but two numbers: 0 and 1. In contrast, we use a decimal system with 10 numbers: 0 to 9. The area of algebra that addresses binary (2-state) logic is called Boolean. In Boolean a logic 0 may be refered to as 'low', 'off' or 'false'; a logic 1 as 'high', 'on' or 'true'. Boolean logic is the foundation of digital electronics.

What type of statement is made in an if then format?

Binary logic.

What is the device that produces a single binary output based on one or more binary inputs?

Logic gate

Explain why Boolean logic is so important for computers?

Because computers uses binary as its language. And programs are representation of logic.

Why we use only ''0'' and ''1'' in logic?

Binary logic has only two possible values:TRUE or FALSE and these are coded as 1 and 0.

Who pioneered binary math and Booblean logic?

Marc Dorcel maybe ? ( booBlean logic ;-) More seriously, the inventor of boolean algebra ( = binary maths ) is George Boole, a british mathematician of the 19th century. Funny lapsus nonetheless

Uses of logic gates in computers?

They convert the command given by us in the form of binary

Any possible binary logic function can be implemented using only?

AND and NOT; OR and NOT; EQU and NOT; XOR

Design a logic circit for conversion between binary code and Gray code?

OK. I have it. What now ?

What is does binary mean?

Binary means two digits

Can you make money in binary options trading?

You can make only if you understan basic forex first. binary options based on mostly currencies, you have to know forex techniques by logic or by nature law. then you can make money with binary options.