What do you mean by factorical?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What do you mean by factorical?
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How do you solve A box at a yard sale contains 85 mystery novels Assuming you read one novel at a time how many ways can you choose and read five of these novels that the order matters in this ca?

If you choose five items from a group of 85, and the order of choosing matters, then you are talking about the permutations of 85 things taken 5 at a time. This is 85 factorial - (85 - 5) factorial, or 3,936,182,040. If the order did not matter, then you would be talking about the combinations of 85 things taken 5 at a time. This is (85 factorial - (85 - 5) factorical) divided by 5 factorial, or 32,801,517.

How can you write a program in c language to calculate factorial of 100 or above that?

The largest factorial in a 32 bit unsigned integer is 12!, which is 479,001,600. The largest factorical in a 64 bit unsigned integer is 20!, which is 2,432,902,008,176,640,000. Anything larger will overflow, and give wrong results. To go larger than that, you need to perform arithmetic digit by digit, or group by group, multiplying and carrying. Its the same as doing it on a piece of paper. You could create an array of digits and provide routines to multiply and carry. You could implement this as a linked list, making the length not preset. The elements do not have to be just digits - they could be larger, say 16 bit integers - so long as the largest possible operation would not result in an overflow.

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