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I don't mean anything because I never used the term "units of measuring weight."

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Q: What do you mean by units of measuring weight?
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What are standard units for measuring weight?


Which units would you use when measuring mass?

Volume and weight.

What are the units for measuring density?

unit of weight (as gram) per unit of volume (as ml)

What is the units for measuring?

That depends on what you're trying to measure. Volume, weight, speed, etc. all have different units of measurement.

What unit would you use to weight of a book?

A millinewton. Not a gram or kilogram since they are units for measuring mass which is not the same as weight.

What measurement is smaller then a gram?

A gram can be divided into 1000 small units called milligrams. These are common units of measuring weight in chemistry.

What is the basic unit for measuring data?

There are different units for measuring different characteristics: mass, weight, length, area, volume, temperature and so on.

What units are not metric units?

I think those are miles, feet, inches, yards (measuring distance) and pounds, ounces, gallons (measuring weight). For temperature it is Fahrenheit (used only by Americans and Belize)

How much is 200pounds in kms?

you are mixing apples and oranges, they are both fruit. Pounds are units of weight kms (kilometres) are units of measuring distance.

What are the measuring devices for cooking?

The measuring devices for cooking is by weight, quantity and volume. The units are by cups and spoons, among other uncommon methods of measurement.

Would you weight a students desk in grams or kilograms?

Neither. Both gram and kilograms are units for measuring mass, not weight. The weight would be measured in Newtons.

What are 2 units for measuring current?

The 2 units for measuring current are: Ampere Milliampere

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