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Graph a few of them, and watch for trends! Anyway, I assume you are talking about polynomials; in the case you mention, the general tendency is for the graph to go from the top-left, towards the bottom-right.

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Q: What do you notice about all the graphs of a function with odd degrees and negative leading coefficients?
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When an odd function has a negative leading coefficient what happens to the graph?

the left end of the graph is going in a positive direction and the right end is going in a negative direction.

What is the rational zero theorem?

If a polynomial function, written in descending order, has integer coefficients, then any rational zero must be of the form ± p/q, where p is a factor of the constant term and q is a factor of the leading coefficient.

Which polynomial has rational coefficients a leading leading coefficient of 1 and the zeros at 2-3i and 4?

There cannot be such a polynomial. If a polynomial has rational coefficients, then any complex roots must come in conjugate pairs. In this case the conjugate for 2-3i is not a root. Consequently, either (a) the function is not a polynomial, or (b) it does not have rational coefficients, or (c) 2 - 3i is not a root (nor any other complex number), or (d) there are other roots that have not been mentioned. In the last case, the polynomial could have any number of additional (unlisted) roots and is therefore indeterminate.

What is the end behavior of a function?

The end behavior of a function is how the function acts as it approaches infinity and negative infinity. All even functions such as x^2 approach infinity in the y-axis as x approaches infinity and odd functions such as x^3 approach positive infinity in the y- axis as x approaches positive infinity and negative infinity in the y- axis as x approaches negative infinity. If their is a negative leading coefficient then it is just flipped.

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What does a function on a graph look like?

A function is just a fancy name for a math problem. It could be a straight line or it could be a parabola or even some thing else. The key to knowing what it looks like is the leading coefficient. What is the highest power of x? Is it positive or negative? An x with the power of one will be a straight line at an angle.

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What is a possible leading coefficient and degree for a polynomial starting in quadrant 3 and ending in quadrant 4?

Leading coefficient: Negative. Order: Any even integer.

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