What do you round 365 to?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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The answer depends on the degree to which the number is rounded.

To the nearest unit it is 365

To the nearest hundred it is 400.

To the nearest million it is 0.

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Q: What do you round 365 to?
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What percentage is 120 out of 365?

365 / 120 x 100 = 304.16666666666666666666666666667 % round to 304.2%

How many days does it take earth to go round?

365 days

What is 365 to the nearset ten?

365 is exactly half-way beween 360 and 370, but under the mathematical rule regarding rounding up you would probably round up to 370 (below 5 round down, 5 and above round up)

What formed a series of small round lakes?

i dont know the answer but i think its 365

How much days are in a year?

365 1/4 days in a year 365 and a quarter days every year, that's why we have a leap year every fourth year to round it up

How do you round 365 to the nearest hundreds?

The nearest hundred smaller than 365 is 300 which is 65 away. The nearest hundred larger than 365 is 400 which is 35 away. Therefore the nearest 100 is 400.

How long it takes earth to travel round sun?

A year (365 days) NRBB

What is the cost of booking a chauffeured driven car from Dalls to Austin?

365 dollars round trip

What does the word round mean?

To round is to make the number such as 365 to round you would say that the 6 is on the 5 an over rule so,you give it a shovel and the awnser would be 400. -Maria

The time it takes for the earth to go round the sun?

365. 25 years hence why we have leap years

How long does it take for the earth to take one round around the sun?

1 year or 365 days.

How long does it take the earth to make one rotation round the sun?

365 days or one year