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These are terms used during childbirth to indicate the progression of labor. Once you get to that point, the kid is on it's way and you probably should stay near the hospital. If you are having contraction pains the answer above is probably correct but many women walk around for days at this dilation so don't panic yjr dilation ahs to go to 10cm and effacement to 100% before you have the baby and it is contractions which do it.

Dilation refers to how far your cervix has actually opened.
Effacement refers to how much it has thinned out or pulled upwards. Don't put too much on the numbers - you can go from low numbers to high very quickly ( so don't be discouraged by staff who tell you 'you'll be hours yet'. They may be right but the discouragement itself can slow things up.). On the other hand, as mentioned above, it can be happening without you knowing much until your body has already done a lot of the work.

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Q: What does 2 centimeters dilated and 40 percent effaced mean?
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How effaced and dilated are you usually when you go into labor?

You don't have to be effaced or dilated to go into labor. But this could mean u will be waiting for the bundle of joy little longer! Good luck!

What does it mean if you are 50 percent effaced and not dilated?

50% is out of 100% which means your cervix is paper thin. Once your cervix is dialated to 10cm & your 100% effaced baby is ready to be born. How long it could be in this position, depends on your body.

What does it mean when the doctors says 2 cm and 30 percent effaced?

it mean that person not in the stage of disease which shows symptoms but he has organisms in body which cause disease. if the number of microorganism is increased 40 percent, it shows symptoms OR, it could apply to the childbirth process. Basically how much the cervical opening has pulled back or thinned. But this is also tied to how much the cervix has dilated, or opened up to allow the child to be born. Fully dilated is 10 cm.

You are only 29 weeks your doctor just told you i am half a centimeter dilated and 75 percent effaced what does this mean?

Your cervix must dilate (open up) to 10 centimeters before you can essentially, 'push' the baby out. So half a cm is good progress, though it seems a bit early at 29 weeks? 75% effaced: you have to be 100% effaced (thinned out) for the cervix to fully dilate & ready to deliver the baby. So you're just about finished there.

What does 50 percent dilated mean?

Dilated means made wider of larger, so 50% dilated is 50% larger

What does sixty percent effaced mean exactly in pregnancy?

Your cervix has thinned out 60%

Does sweeping membranes at 4 centimeters dilated mean labor anytime?


What does 80 percent effaced mean?

It means that only 20% of the humidity of 100% is in the air.

If you are thirty four weeks pregnant two cm dilated and eighty percent effaced What would it mean if you become one hundred percent effaced before you dilate anymore?

If your first child is under five years of age, you can expect this delivery to take about half the time it did before. Isn't that a lovely thought? That's the good news, the bad news is that this baby still isn't coming until it's good and ready! So, get your things together, and make all the arrangements you need for childcare for the older one. Then, enjoy the last few hours of pregnancy! You probably have less than three days!

What does 80 -2 mean in pregnancy?

*80% effaced and -2cm station.

What does effaced mean with regards to antenatal care?

The cervix dialates during the course of labor. This is measured in centimeters across (from 1 centimeter to 10 which is completely dialated.) In addition to opening up (dilatation), the cervix also thins out (effaces) this is measure in percentage from 10% to 100% effaced. As labor progresses, the uterus enlongates and the cervical tissue is drawn up into the body of the uterus, similar to the forskin of a penis being incorporated into the shaft during an errection. following a routine labor vaginal exam, the MD might state: : "she's 3-4/40% and -2." this means 3-4 centimeters in dilatation, 40% effaced (and the presenting part of the fetus is 2 centimeters above the ischial spine which describes how far down the baby has come)

34 weeks and 50percent ephased what does that mean?

== == Your cervix prepares for birth by softening and thinning, or effacing. You won't feel this sign of labor happening. Instead, your health care provider will check for signs of cervical change with vaginal exams. Effacement is often expressed in percentages. When you're 50 percent effaced, your cervix is half its original thickness. Your cervix must be 100 percent effaced, or completely thinned out, before a vaginal delivery