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three hundred and thirty-eight thousand, two hundred and thirty-seven

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Q: What does 338237 look like in word form?
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How do you write 9.73 in word form?

Nine and seventy-three hundredths.

What does 6.15 look like in word form?

Six and fifteen hundredths.

What does 89.123 look like in word form?

89.123 in word form is: eighty-nine and one hundred twenty-three thousandths.

What do 26.15 look like in word form?

Twentysix point one five

What does the word flower look like in Japanese?

花 is what 'flower' looks like. In phonetic form, it's Hana.

How do you write four and six tenths look like in expanded form and word form?

4+0.6 Four and six tenths

What would 119000003 look like in word form?

One hundred nineteen million and three.

What does 2700000 look like in word form?

2,700,000 = two million, seven hundred thousand.

Where would one decimal 8 look like in Word form?

1.8 = one and eight tenths

What does 316236 look like in word form?

Three hundred sixteen thousand, two hundred thirty-six.

In number word form what does 16 billion look like?

16 followed by 9 zeros ie 16 000 000 000

How do you turn 0.9 into a decimal word form?

nine tenths words for decimal form look like words for fractions except all denominators must be multiples of 10.

Is 70 thousand written in standard form or word form?

It is short word form. Standard form is 70,000 and word form is seventy thousand.

What does oye mean in German?

That does not look like a German word. "Oye" in Spanish is a form of the word for "hear" and is sometimes used as a command, like "Listen to this." In German the letter "y" is a vowel, not a consonant; this string of vowels is not likely to come up in German.

What is the plural form of the word Africans?

The word Africans is the plural form. The singular form is African. Some nouns in their plural form can be used to refer to an entire group, like the word Africans. But it is still a plural word.

What word means to look like someone else?

To resemble someone means to look like them.

What is the plural form of the word zero?

The plural form of the word zero is zeroes, like "There are a lot of zeroes in that number."

What does a 350 word essay look like?

a 350 word essay

How do you spell 99 in word form?

You spell 99 like ninety-nine in word form.

What do you call stating data in a word form?

Stating data in a word form is usually known either as speaking or writing. Look, I'm doing it right now!

Is closed a compound word?

No it is not because a compound word is 2 words formed to make one word. For example: cup-cake. These are 2 words that form to make one. For the word 'closed' there is no second word, meaning it would look like this: close-d. In conclusion, closed is not a compound word.............

What does the word flower look like in Japanese and how is it said?

่Šฑ is how you write it in Japanese. In phonetic form it's 'Hana'

What is the noun form of the word adverse?

verse. It's like the root word.

What is the masculine form of the word nurse?

The word "nurse" is used for both males and females in the profession. Like the word "doctor," it doesn't have a gendered form in English.

What does the word whole look like in Hebrew?

The word "all" or "whole" looks like: כָּל (Pron. like the name "Cole")